Leading by Example Progress: Energy Use

Leading by Example progress to reduce energy use and building fuel oil consumption at Massachusetts state facilities.

Table of Contents

Annual Energy Use Intensity

Annual change in EUI through FY19

Overall energy use intensity (kBtu/per square foot) decreased 14% from the Leading by Example baseline (Fiscal Year 2004) through Fiscal Year 2019 for the 44 Leading by Example partners whose energy use is tracked using this metric.

*LBE does not track square footage or energy use intensity for 5 of the 49 state partners, due to the nature of energy and facility use at these sites.

Number of Agencies/Campuses by Energy Use Intensity % Change

Count of agencies and campuses decreasing and increasing in EUI

From the LBE baseline year (Fiscal  Year 2004) through Fiscal Year 2018, overall energy use intensity (kBtu/per square foot) decreased more than 25% for 9 Leading by Example partners (agencies/campuses), 10-25% for 14 partners, and  0-10% for 10 partners. Conversely, overall  energy use intensity increased by 0-10% for 5 partners, 10-25% for 2 partners, and more than 25% for 3 partners.

Annual Building Fuel Oil Consumption

Change in building fuel oil consumption, FY06-FY19

Overall fuel oil consumption has decreased 85% from FY06 through FY19, a reduction of about 22 million gallons.

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