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Learn about proving your jury service

After you serve jury duty, learn how to prove your service.

Once you serve jury duty, learn how to prove your service to the courts and your employer. 

Juror Service Certificate

You'll receive a Juror Service Certificate in the mail about 10 days after you finish serving. If you serve for more than 1 week, you'll receive a separate certificate for each week you serve. The certificate will show the dates you served and any compensation you received from the state. 

If you need your Juror Service Certificate sooner than 10 days after you complete your service, you can request a temporary Certificate of Juror Service from the jury pool officer, who can print a temporary certificate for you. You should only request a temporary certificate if you can't wait for the permanent certificate to arrive in the mail.

Prove your service to your employer

If your employer needs proof of your jury service, the top half of the Juror Service Certificate can be removed and provided to your employer. You should keep the bottom half of the Certificate for your records. 

Prove your service to the courts

You can only be summoned for jury duty once every 3 years. If you receive another summons within the next 3 years, you'll need to provide this certificate to be disqualified. You can prove this in one of 3 ways.

  • Enter your prior Badge Number online on the Massachusetts Juror Service Website in the disqualification section
  • Write your prior Badge Number on the Juror Confirmation Form and mail it to the address listed
  • Give your prior Badge Number over the phone by calling (800) 843-5879

If you don't have your Badge Number but you know you served, you can call (800) 843-5879 and someone can look it up for you. 

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