Learn about the Attorney General's Executive Bureau

The Attorney General’s Executive Bureau provides administrative, public information, and policy development support, as well as information technology, human resources, and fiscal management services.

The Attorney General’s Executive Bureau includes:

The Office of the State Solicitor

The Office of the State Solicitor ensures the highest quality of appellate advocacy and handles selected important appeals and amicus briefs itself. The office works closely with assistant and special assistant attorneys general on appellate strategy, brief-writing, and oral argument preparation.

The General Counsel’s Office

The General Counsel’s Office provides legal assistance with employment, ethics, and conflicts of interest issues. The office assists in the development and implementation of office policies and procedures.

The Policy & Government Affairs Division

The Policy & Government Affairs Division assists in the development and advancement of the Attorney General’s policy and legislative priorities. The team works with divisions across the office to develop a proactive policy agenda aimed at ensuring that everyone in Massachusetts has access to equal treatment under the law, a healthy environment, affordable health care, a transparent and open government, safe neighborhoods, and is protected from abusive practices in the marketplace.

The Community Engagement Division

The Community Engagement Division works to fulfill the office’s mission to serve all people in Massachusetts in every one of its diverse communities. The division works to establish a bridge between community members and the office through public trainings, informational sessions, presentations, and events.


The Communications Division and its public information officers assist members of the media, publish press releases, media advisories, social media content, mass.gov pages, and news.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Division manages all internal technology training, data and files, and assists with troubleshooting.  

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division manages all recruitment and hiring of the Attorney General’s Office.

The Law Library

The Trial Court Law Libraries provide public access to legal information with books, databases, and web resources.


The Budget Division manages all internal expenses of the Attorney General’s Office.

Grants Management

Grants Management uses settlement funds to develop and implement competitive grant programs that benefit Massachusetts residents. It also applies for and manages federal grants that create additional opportunities for the Attorney General’s Office to fulfill its mission.

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