Attorney General's Policy & Government Affairs Division

The Policy & Government Affairs Division helps develop and advance Attorney General Campbell's policy and legislative priorities. The Policy & Government Affairs Division works with staff across the office to develop a policy agenda aimed at ensuring that everyone in Massachusetts has access to equal treatment under the law, a healthy environment, affordable health care, a transparent and open government, safe neighborhoods, and is protected from abusive practices in the marketplace.

Table of Contents

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Consumer Protection

Civil Rights


As the chief lawyer and law enforcement office of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Attorney General's Office works with the legislature to ensure that the office can effectively do its job.

Criminal Justice


Energy & Environment

Fair Labor

The Attorney General's Office protects workers from exploitation and sets a level playing field for employers. If you need to make a wage complaint with the Attorney General's Office, you can do so by filing with the Fair Labor Division


The Attorney General's Office ensures proper investigation and prosecution of illegal gaming related activity in Massachusetts, as well as regulating the daily fantasy sports industry. If you need to inform the Attorney General's Office of illegal gaming, you can file a gaming tip.  

Health Care and Fair Competition


The Attorney General's Office serves all residents of Massachusetts regardless of their immigration status and the Attorney General is committed to protecting immigrants in Massachusetts. Through litigation and advisory notices, the Attorney General's Office has made clear that protecting these communities is a priority.

Insurance and Financial Services

The Attorney General's Office works to ensure fairness in the insurance and financial services industries for the Commonwealth's consumers. 

Opioid Epidemic

Combating the opioid epidemic is a top priority of the Massachusetts Attorney General. To that end, the AG is working on all fronts across the office with a team comprised of health care experts, law enforcement, advocates, and public policy experts that is dedicated to tackling heroin, fentanyl, and prescription drug misuse using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes enforcement, policy, prevention and education efforts. 


Sexual and Domestic Violence

The Attorney General's Office has formed a partnership with the Patriots Foundation to create Game Change: The Patriots Anti-Violence Partnership, an innovative approach to healthy relationship and violence prevention education. The program, launched in 2015 by the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, is providing training in anti-violence strategies to students, faculty, and coaches at public high schools across Massachusetts.

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