Learn about the EBT Card to Culture program

Learn about the EBT Card to Culture program and how you can visit museums or attend performances at a reduced or free cost.

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What is the EBT Card to Culture program?

The EBT Card to Culture program is a joint venture between the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and many of the best cultural institutions across the Commonwealth. EBT Card to Culture allows those receiving benefits from DTA to access museums, performances, and other cultural programming at a reduced or free cost.

How does it work?

Each organization is different. In most instances, when you arrive at the organization, you should show your EBT card at the ticket counter and you will receive a discounted admission price. Other organizations suggest reserving tickets in advance or allow purchasing tickets over the phone or online. In that case, you may need to provide a special discount code, or may need to show your EBT card in person when picking up your tickets at a later date.

The EBT card is used only to indicate that you are eligible for the discount; the card is not for payment.  If there is an entry fee, you will need to pay with other means that the organization accepts (cash, credit card).  Make sure to look at the discount offered by each organization for any special guidance, before visiting the location of your choice. 

How much will admission cost with my EBT discount?

Admission prices under the EBT Card to Culture program vary by institution and are updated annually. The specific and most up to date prices can be found listed with our EBT Card to Culture participating organizations, or you can always call the museum directly to ask them about their admission policies. Note that the EBT Card to Culture discount usually cannot be combined with other discounts offered by an organization.

How many people can I bring with me?

All discounts cover the adult EBT cardholder and at least one additional person.  However, the number of adults and children that can receive discounted admission with one EBT card varies by institution. This information can be found listed with EBT Card to Culture organizations or you can always call the institution directly to ask them about their admission policies.

Can I bring my child's friend and receive the discounted admission?

At most organizations, yes.  However, some organizations will only offer a discount to immediate family members of the EBT cardholder.  Please note specific institution polices regarding discount conditions and caps, which can generally be found with the organization's listing.

When can I get discounted admission?

The discount for EBT cardholders should be available any time for general admission, during regular operating hours, rather than any special day of the week.  However, certain special performances, exhibits, or experiences may be exempt from the discount. Please reference our listing of participating EBT Card to Culture organizations for more information.

How many times can I use my EBT card at an organization?

Most organizations have no limit to the number of times that you can use your EBT card for a discounted visit, so feel free to use it often!  Some organizations that have limited capacity (such as performing arts organizations, or organizations offering classes) might limit the discount to a certain number of times per semester or season.

I have an EBT card, but is is issued by another state. Can I still get a discount?

EBT Card to Culture discounts extend to people with a Massachusetts-issued EBT card only.  Some organizations do extend the same discount to people with EBT cards that have been issued by other states.  For a list of those organizations, visit the Museums for All website.

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