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Leave Fireworks to the Professionals

Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts because they are dangerous.
Illegal fireworks seized by police


There have been more than 500 fires and explosions involving illegal fireworks in Massachusetts in the past five years. Seven firefighters were injured in these incidents, and damages were estimated at more than $1.5 million.

Between 2019 and 2023, Massachusetts medical facilities treated more than 200 people for burns and other injuries associated with fireworks. Two dozen people were treated for severe burn injuries that covered 5% or more of the victim’s body.

Massachusetts law prohibits the possession, use, and sale of fireworks without a permit and certification. The law applies even if you buy them legally in another state. Leave fireworks to the professionals and see a great professional fireworks display this year. 

Updated List of Permitted Fireworks Displays (as of 6/14/24)

Display CityDateTimeDisplay LocationRain Date
Worcester6/14/2024Post gameFitton Football Stadium – Fitton Ave.N/A
Ludlow6/15/20249:00 PMWhitney Field – 167 Howard St.6/16/2024
Norfolk6/15/20248:45 PMFreeman Kennedy School – 70 Broadman St.6/16/2024
Quincy6/15/20249:00 PMPageant Field Boat Landing – Vietnam Veterans Dr.6/16/2024
Reading6/15/20249:00 PMReading Memorial H.S. baseball field – 62 Oakland Rd.9/07/2024
Rockland6/15/20249:15 PMBicentennial Field – Lower Reed St.6/16/2024
Westfield6/15/20249:00 PM33 Smith Ave.N/A
Worcester6/21/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Florence6/22/20249:30 PMLook Memorial Park – 300 North Main St.6/23/2024
Hamilton6/22/20249:15 PMPatton Park – Bay Rd.6/23/2024
Hanover6/22/20249:15 PMBallfields behind Center School – 65 Silver St.6/23/2024
Middleton6/22/20249:20 PMTown Transfer Station – Natsue Way6/23/2024
Milton6/22/202410:00 PMGovernor Hutchinson’s Field – Adams St.6/23/2024
Monson6/22/20249:15 PMQuarry Hill School – 43 Margaret St.6/23/2024
Plainville6/22/20249:00 PMPlainville Field of Dreams – 80 School St.6/23/2024
Warren6/22/20249:00 PM284 Old West Brookefield Rd.6/23/2024
Brockton6/26/20249:00 PMCampanelli Stadium – 1 Feinberg WayN/A
Dracut6/27/20249:15 PMVeteran’s Memorial Park – 80 Broadway Rd.7/18/2024
Somerville6/27/20249:45 PMTrum Field – Franey Rd.6/28/2024
Auburn6/28/20249:30 PMPappas Recreation Complex – 203 Pakachoag St6/29/2024
Framingham6/28/20249:30 PM2 mini barges on Farm Pond – 100 Dudley Rd.N/A
Holyoke6/28/20249:15 PMHolyoke Community College – 303 Homestead Ave6/30/2024
Mashpee6/28/20248:45 PMMashpee High School – 500 Old Barnstable Rd.6/29/2024
Worcester6/28/2024Post gameFitton Football Stadium – Fitton Ave.N/A
Worcester6/28/20249:30 PMAthletic field – 170 Belmont St.6/29/2024
Chicopee6/29/2024DuskSzot Park – 927 Sgt. Tracy Dr.6/30/2024
Easthampton6/29/20249:00 PM95 Park Hill Road6/30/2024
Gardner6/29/20249:15 PMKendall Pond Road W.6/30/2024
Halifax6/29/20249:00 PMHalifax Athletic Fields – 470 Plymouth St.6/30/2024
Sandwich6/29/20249:00 PMBaseball Field – Morse Rd.N/A
Westfield6/29/20249:15 PMSouth Middle School Field – 30 W. Silver St.N/A
Wilmington6/29/20249:00 PMWilmington H.S. Field – 159 Church St.6/30/2024
Canton6/30/20249:15 PMIrish Cultural Center – 200 New Boston Rd.N/A
Everett6/30/2024DuskGlendale Park – 100 Elm St.7/14/2024
Waltham6/30/20249:00 PMBarge in Charles River – 211 Moody St.7/01/2024
Wilmington6/30/20249:30 PMWilmington H.S. Field – 159 Church St.7/01/2024
Worcester6/30/20249:15 PMGolf Course – East Mountain St.7/14/2024  
Haverhill7/01/20249:15 PMRiverside Park – 163 Lincoln Ave.7/02/2024
Chatham7/02/2024DuskVeteran’s Field – 150 Depot Rd.N/A
Cohasset7/02/20249:15 PMBarge off Sandy Beach7/06/2024
Foxborough7/02/20249:00 PMParking lot – Two Patriot PlaceN/A
Hadley7/02/20249:15 PM300 Stadium Drive7/08/2024
Orleans7/02/20249:00 PMBarge off Rock Harbor Beach7/07/2024
Stoughton7/02/20249:00 PM232 Pearl St.7/07/2024
Tewksbury7/02/20249:30 PM286 Livingston St.7/07/2024
Andover7/03/20249:20 PMAndover H.S. – 80 Shawsheen Rd.N/A
East Longmeadow7/03/20249:30 PM180 Maple St.N/A
Fitchburg7/03/202410:00 PM83 Hazel St.7/07/2024
Foxborough7/03/20249:00 PMParking lot 51 – Two Patriot PlaceN/A
Freetown7/03/20249:00 PMAssonet Burial Ground – South Main St.7/13/2024
Lynn7/03/20249:00 PMBarge near Red Rock – 76 Marine Blvd.7/05/2024
Manchester7/03/20249:15 PMBarge 300 yds off Signing Beach – Beach St.7/05/2024
Mashpee7/03/20249:15 PM130 Willowbend Drive7/12/2024
Randolph7/03/20249:30 PMRandolph HS baseball field – 70 Memorial Pkwy.7/05/2024
Rutland7/03/20249:20 PMBehind DPW garage – 17 Pommogussett Rd.7/05/2024
Sharon7/03/20249:30 PMBarge on Lake Massapoag – 196 Pond St.7/07/2024
South Deerfield7/03/20249:00 PMOpen field @ Tree House Brewing – 1 Community Place7/06/2024
South Hadley7/03/20249:30 PM100 Mosier St.7/05/2024
Webster7/03/20249:00 PMMemorial Beach on Thompson Rd.7/06/2024
Weymouth7/03/20249:15 PMBarge off Wessagussett Beach–Wessagussett Rd.N/A
Worcester7/03/20249:00 PMInstitute Park – 82 Salisbury St.N/A
Agawam7/04/20249:30 PMSix Flags – 1623 Main St.N/A
Beverly7/04/20249:15 PMBarge 800’ off West Beach – 121 West St.7/05/2024
Boston7/04/202410:30 PM5 barges in Charles River7/05/2024
Bridgewater7/04/20249:30 PMLegion Field – 200 South St.7/05/2024
Chatham7/04/20249:15 PM3 Barges off Wequassett Inn7/05/2024
Edgartown7/04/20249:15 PMEdgartown Harbor7/05/2024
Fall River7/04/20249:30 PMBarge in Taunton River – 1338 Davol St.7/05/2024
Greenfield7/04/20249:30 PM89 Wisdom Way7/05/2024
Lowell7/04/20249:00 PMPedestrian Walkway – Aiken Street7/05/2024
Marblehead7/04/20249:15 PMBarge in Marblehead Harbor – Commercial Street Wharf7/05/2024
Mashpee7/04/20249:00 PMGolf Course – 20 Red Brook Rd.7/05/2024
Nahant7/04/20249:00 PMBailey’s Point Park – Bass Point Rd.7/07/2024
Nantucket7/04/20249:00 PMBarge off Jetties Beach7/05/2024
New Bedford7/04/20249:00 PM7 Fish Island7/12/2024
Newton7/04/20249:15 PMAlbemarle Field – 250 Albemarle Rd.7/05/2024
Pittsfield7/04/20249:30 PMPittsfield Cemetery – 203 Wahconah St.N/A
Pittsfield7/04/20249:15 PMWahconah and Campbell Streets7/05/2024
Plymouth7/04/20249:30 PM3 Barges in Plymouth Harbor – Town Wharf7/05/2024
Provincetown7/04/20249:00 PMMacMillian Pier – 24 MacMillian Wharf7/05/2024
Salem7/04/20249:00 PMSalem Maritime Nt’l Historic Site – 160 Derby St.8/10/2024
Wakefield7/04/20249:30 PMEnd of Beacon St.7/05/2024
Williamstown7/04/20249:15 PM19 Meachum St.TBD
Worcester7/04/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Agawam7/05/20249:30 PMSix Flags – 1623 Main St.N/A
Lexington7/05/20249:30 PMLexington HS Baseball field – Worthen Rd.N/A
Middleborough7/05/202410:00 PMBattis Field/Pierce Playground – Jackson St.N/A
Milford7/05/20249:30 PMClark Island7/06/2024
Osterville7/05/20249:30 PM2 Barges in Tims Cove – Cove Lane7/06/2024
Worcester7/05/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Agawam7/06/20249:30 PMSix Flags – 1623 Main St.N/A
Greenfield7/06/20249:35 PMPoet’s Seat Tower – Mountain Rd.7/07/2024
Franklin7/06/202410:00 PMHigh School – 218 Oak St.N/A
Marion7/06/20249:15 PMBarge off Silver Shell Beach – Front St.7/07/2024
Methuen7/06/20249:30 PMExit 4 off-ramp of MA-Route 213 – Pleasant Valley St.7/13/2024
North Andover7/06/20249:30 PMHayes Stadium – 495 Main St.7/07/2024
Uxbridge7/06/20249:00 PM62 Capron St.7/07/2024
Oakham7/07/20249:30 PMBarge on Lake Dean – 203 Bechan Rd.7/13/2024
Groton7/08/20249:00 PMGroton Field – Playground Rd.7/09/2024
Brockton7/12/20249:00 PMCampanelli Stadium – 1 Feinberg WayN/A
Scituate7/12/202410:00 PMBehind St. Mary’s Hall – 14 Edward Foster Rd.7/13/2024
Worcester7/12/2024Post gameFitton Football Stadium – Fitton Ave.N/A
Worcester7/12/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Holliston7/13/202410:00 PMHolliston HS Athletic Field – 370 Hollis St.N/A
Scituate7/13/202410:00 PMBehind St. Mary’s Hall – 14 Edward Foster Rd.N/A
North Attleboro7/19/20249:15 PMN. Attleboro HS athletic field – 564 Landry Ave.N/A
Worcester7/19/2024Post gameFitton Football Stadium – Fitton Ave.N/A
North Attleboro7/20/20249:15 PMN. Attleboro HS athletic field – 564 Landry Ave.N/A
Northbridge7/20/20249:00 PMLasell Field – 171 Linwood Ave.7/21/2024
Brockton7/26/20249:00 PMCampanelli Stadium – 1 Feinberg WayN/A
Turner Falls7/27/20249:30 PMField off Unity Park – 1st St.N/A
Worcester8/02/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Brockton8/09/20249:00 PMCampanelli Stadium – 1 Feinberg WayN/A
Bellingham8/10/20249:00 PM60 Blackstone St.8/11/2024
Danvers8/11/20249:00 PMDanvers High School – 60 Cabot Rd.8/18/2024
Worcester8/16/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Taunton8/22/20248:10 PMHopewell Park – 15 Hamilton St.8/29/2024
Brockton8/23/20249:00 PMCampanelli Stadium – 1 Feinberg WayN/A
Lawrence8/30/20241:00 and 6:00 PMThree Saints Feast – 20 Common St.N/A
Worcester8/30/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD
Lawrence8/31/20247:00 to 8:00 PMThree Saints Feast – 20 Common St.N/A
Lawrence9/01/20249:00 PMThree Saints Feast – 20 Common St.N/A
Worcester9/13/2024Post gamePolar Park Stadium – 122 Madison St.TBD

Sparklers Are No Exception

Fireworks and sparklers are not safe, especially around children. Sparklers burn at temperatures of over 1,800° Fahrenheit.  This is hotter than the melting point of aluminum!  Children suffer some of the most severe burn injuries caused by sparklers. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said, “there were an estimated 1,600 emergency department-treated injuries associated with firecrackers and 900 with sparklers” in 2020. This accounted for almost 10% of all fireworks-related injuries that year.  Of those 900 injuries from sparklers, 44% were to children under the age of 5. 

In addition to causing injuries, sparklers are hot enough to cause fires -- even after they've been extinguished.  In 2022, the unsafe disposal of sparklers caused a three-alarm fire in Dracut that displaced nine people. 

Additional Resources

Info for Fire Departments and Industry Professionals

Fireworks use is illegal for everyone in Massachusetts except for licensed professionals. DFS has information for the fireworks industry and for fire prevention officers who enforce fireworks laws. Fire departments ensure that professional fireworks displays are safe for spectators and shooters. 

For Fire Departments Only

DFS can provide technical, compliance, and enforcement support, 24/7, especially during the July 4th week. For immediate help call:

  • 508-820-2000 (outside regular business hours)
  • 978-567-3375 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • These numbers are for fire departments only. For citizen complaints about the illegal sale or use of fireworks please call your local police department at 9-1-1.

Visit the Blasting, explosives, and fireworks page for more information.

Confiscated Fireworks for Police and Fire Departments Only

To notify the State Police Bomb Squad of confiscated fireworks, fire and police departments (only) should call 978-567-3310 during business hours. For 24-hour emergencies or large quantities read this flyer on activating emergency resources. All other fireworks concerns should be addressed to your local police or fire department. 

Additional Resources

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