Blasting, Explosives, and Fireworks

Any company or individual that uses or transports explosives or are engaged in blasting and firing cannons and mortars must hold a certificate of competency (individuals) or a certificate of registration (companies).
Danger Blasting Ahead

Blasting in Massachusetts requires permits and licenses. Blasting companies must hold an Explosives Users Certificate. Individuals must hold an Explosives Certificate of Competency. Companies must also have explosive magazine permits for permanent and vehicle mounted magazines. Local fire departments issue Use and Handling Permits for specific blasting projects.

Blasting Permits and Licenses

Blasting companies must have:

Individuals must have:

See the application instructions and licensing exam schedule

Local fire departments issue Use and Handling Permits for specific blasting projects.

The Fire Safety Division has discontinued the Online Blasting Detail training course for fire departments. It has been replaced with a Blasting Detail Orientation Program from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. To register go to the DFS Learning Management System and search for course number 611-Blasting Detail Orientation Program.

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Fireworks and Special Effects Permits and Licenses

Fireworks show being set-up

Companies and individuals using fireworks and special effects must have:

Fireworks can only be used by licensed shooters in Massachusetts where an FP-027 Application/Permit for Supervised Display of Fireworks has been obtained from the local fire department.

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Transportation of Explosives and Fireworks Permits

All explosive magazine trucks must have:

Trucks transporting fireworks must have:

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Information for Property Owners

Property owners may have concerns about nearby blasting projects. They can:

Information for Fire Departments

  • Learn about training for public safety employees who work on blasting details. The training includes information on transportation, storage and use of explosive materials and air blast, ground vibration, and fly rock. The training includes a test.
  • Learn about who can have and use explosives in Massachusetts in Public Safety: Explosives Accountability
  • Learn about and print the Uniform Blasting Site Checklist

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