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Long Term Care Facility COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance

See all current guidance regarding COVID-19 vaccination at long term care facilities

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Immunization Division is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure that COVID-19 vaccine is widely available in Massachusetts.

The information on this page will assist Long Term Care Facilities with their vaccination efforts throughout the pandemic. Below are updates and resources for COVID-19 vaccinations within Long Term Care Facilities.

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List of LTCFs participating in the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program

This List of Long Term Care Facilities Participating in Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program (updated January 20, 2021) provides information on which LTCFs have been matched with which pharmacy for COVID-19 vaccination. Facilities where matching has not occurred will be listed as “pharmacy match is ongoing.”

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to pay for the vaccine?

The vaccine is being provided free of charge to all individuals by the federal government.  Insurance companies are also committed to not charging any out-of-pocket fees or co-payments related to COVID-19 vaccine administration, and all health care provider sites that receive COVID-19 vaccine must agree to not charge patients any out-of-pocket fees or deny anyone vaccination services.

How will my facility be contacted?

If you are partnered with CVS, you will receive a thank-you email from CVS Health inviting you to verify contact information for your facility and view a Client Guide for your facility. If you partnered with Walgreens, a local contact will be in touch with your facility.

What if I have questions for CVS or Walgreens?

Both pharmacies have set up general email boxes for questions. CVS is  Walgreens is

When will we receive the vaccine?

Long-term care residents and staff are part of the Phase 1 group scheduled to receive the vaccine between December 2020 and February 2021. There will be two doses of the Pfizer vaccine given to you a few weeks apart. Learn more about the distribution timeline here.

How do we know if the vaccine is safe?

A vaccine will not be distributed in Massachusetts until the FDA determines the vaccine is safe. It’s important to know that vaccines go through more testing than any other pharmaceuticals.  Before any vaccine is made available, it must go through rigorous development and testing. Additionally, extensive testing in clinical trials is conducted to prove safety. Data is then reviewed by the FDA which approves the vaccine, and by an independent board, CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) which will make its recommendations for use.

    Where can I find information about the update to the LTC Pharmacy Partnership regarding age 65+ and the updated application date of 11/6?

    American Health Care Association//National Center for Assisted Living has program information available on their website to further explain the program and the options: More information can be found here

    Is there an option for LTCF to receive vaccines directly or will they only be from a retail/LTCF pharmacy? 

    Yes, the state will have its own COVID vaccine program. If you want to receive vaccines through the state vaccine program to administer them directly (without the help of an outside pharmacy), you must register and then onboard with the MIIS.

    My agency supports people with disabilities in their private homes. Is my agency eligible to participate in the federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program?

    No, private homes are not covered through this program. If your site administers any immunizations directly, your site is required to register with and report data to the MIIS. You may register with the MIIS at the following website:

    If an elder is in the facility on the day CVS is scheduled to administer the first dose of the vaccine, but is no longer an inpatient 21 days later because they have been discharged to home, what is the mechanism by which they are able to get the second vaccine?

    Long term care facilities will work with pharmacies on specific processes for their location. The recommendation is that discharged residents return to the facility at the time of the second clinic to ensure that vaccination is completed.

    How should our facility complete the MCVP agreement if we are not storing the vaccine on site nor have a medical provider to sign the standing order?

    If vaccine is not being stored on site and there is no medical provider signing a standing order, then a site is not eligible for MCVP enrollment.

    Where can I get more information? 

    Visit these frequently updated web pages on COVID-19 vaccination: