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Marine Invasive Species Identification Cards

Find ID cards for common marine invasive species found in New England.

These identification cards provide information on 18 established invasive species monitored by the Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative (MIMIC). Each card covers a species type, including tunicates, bryozoans, crustaceans, anemones, bivalves, and seaweeds. These species were chosen because they are identifiable in the field, commonly occur in monitored habitats in New England, and are of importance to managers. The front of each card includes identification information and some natural history background. The back of each card describes similar-looking native and invasive species. See the list below for links to PDF copies of the cards. You can also Download all 10 ID cards as a zip file (22 MB).

The current cards, updated by CZM in 2019, are based on older versions created by CZM and Salem Sound Coastwatch. To view the original cards, see the CZM Classic Site.

Identification Cards (10 cards)

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