Mass. General Laws c.15A § 46

Medication abortion readiness plans; amendment or revision; determination of adequacy of plan

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(a) (effective July 29, 2022)

As used in this section and section 47, the following words shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

“Institution”, a public institution of higher education listed in section 5.

“Medication abortion”, abortion provided by medication techniques.

“Medication abortion readiness”, each institution’s preparedness to provide medication abortions to students or assist students in obtaining medication abortions, including, but not limited to, having in place equipment, protocols, patient educational materials, informational websites and training for staff; provided, however, that “medication abortion readiness” may include the provision of medication abortions.

“Health center”, a clinic or health center providing primary health care services to students operated by an institution.

(b) (effective July 29, 2022)

(1) Each institution shall develop a medication abortion readiness plan for its students.

(2) The department of public health shall issue guidance to all institutions regarding the required contents of medication abortion readiness plans in accordance with the varied capabilities of institutions to provide services including, but not limited to, directly providing medication abortions to students in a health center, providing referrals for abortion care services not provided in the health center or providing information to students about obtaining a medication abortion. In developing the guidance, the department shall consider factors including, but not limited to, whether the institution has an operational health center on campus, the institution’s proximity to a hospital, clinic or other facility that provides medication abortion, availability, convenience and cost of public transportation between the institution and closest facility that provides medication abortion and whether the institution employs health care workers on campus.

(3) The department of public health shall review medication abortion readiness plans annually, taking into consideration any changes to the capacity of each institution to provide services to students since the preceding approval of the plan.

(c) (effective February 1, 2024)

Each institution shall annually submit any amendments or revisions to its medication abortion readiness plan to the department of public health.

(d) (effective February 1, 2024)

Annually, not later than January 31, the department of public health shall determine whether the plan is adequate in proportion to each institution’s capacity. The department shall provide further guidance to institutions with plans deemed inadequate that includes remedial measures for the institution to develop an adequate plan.

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