Mass. General Laws c.272 § 91

Court proceedings for animal fighting

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Section 91

After seizure and removal of animals or property used or employed, or intended to be used or employed, in violation of section 94, application shall be made to a court having jurisdiction over the offense for a decree of forfeiture of the animals or property. If after a hearing on the application, notice thereof having been previously given as the court orders, it shall be found that the animals, at the time of seizure, were engaged in or were intended to be engaged in fighting at an exhibition thereof or the animals were owned, possessed, kept, trained, bred, loaned, sold, exported or otherwise transferred in violation of section 94, such animals shall be adjudged forfeited. A forfeited animal shall be individually assessed by the organization to which it is forfeited to determine the animal's suitability for adoption or the organization shall transfer it to another organization or for another disposition. Any person shall be allowed to appear as claimant in the proceeding upon the application for a decree of forfeiture.

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