Mass. General Laws c.276 § 89B

Probation officers appointed to exclusively supervise young adults; selection; training

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Section 89B

Probation officers appointed under subsection (f) of section 83 may be designated by the commissioner of probation to exclusively supervise young adults, who are 18 to 24 years of age and have been placed in the care of probation officers under section 87, so that these individuals may benefit from age appropriate guidance, targeted interventions and a greater degree of individual attention.
Probation officers designated under this section shall be selected based on their demonstrated experience and commitment to working with young adults and shall perform their services under the direction of the commissioner.

Probation officers designated under this section shall receive specialized training on topics including but not limited to: (i) supervising and counseling young adults; (ii) psycho-social and behavioral development of young adults; (iii) cultural competency; (iv) rehabilitation of young adults; (v) educational programs; and (vi) relevant community-based services and programs.

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