Mass. General Laws c.40R § 3

Smart growth zoning districts and starter home zoning districts

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Section 3

In its zoning ordinance or by-law, a city or town may adopt a smart growth zoning district in an eligible location and may include adjacent areas that are served by existing infrastructure and utilities, and that have safe pedestrian access to at least 1 destination of frequent pedestrian use, such as schools, civic facilities, places of commercial or business use, places of employment, recreation or transit stations. A smart growth zoning district ordinance or by-law, or any amendment to or repeal of such ordinance or by-law, shall be adopted in accordance with section 5 of chapter 40A.

In creating such a district, a city or town may include qualifying areas within development districts approved by the economic assistance coordinating council pursuant to chapter 40Q or any area approved as an urban center housing tax-increment financing zone pursuant to section 60 of chapter 40. In smart growth zoning districts, a city or town shall zone for primary residential use as of right and may also permit business, commercial or other uses consistent with primary residential use; provided, however, that a smart growth zoning district ordinance or by-law shall be adopted by a simple majority vote of all the members of the town council, or of the city council where there is a commission form of government or a single branch, or of each branch where there are 2 branches, or by a simple majority vote of a town meeting.


Last updated: November 10, 2022

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