Mass. General Laws c.51 § 1F

Persons not included in register of voters

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Amended by St.2022, c.92, § 1, June 22, 2022, effective July 22, 2022.

Section 1F

A person who resides in the commonwealth and in the city or town where he claims the right to vote in an election at which electors of president and vice-president are to be chosen, but whose name is not included in the current annual register of voters of the city or town where he claims the right to vote, may qualify for voting only for such electors upon application to the registrars of voters of said city or town, not later than 5:00 p.m. of the tenth day preceding such election. Any form of written communication containing the name, age, citizenship, former residence and present residence of such person shall cause the registrars to make an investigation relative to the qualifications of such person to vote and, for the purpose of such investigation, the officer in charge of the police force of each city and town shall give the registrars such assistance as they may require. Upon determining that such person is qualified to vote under the provisions of this section, the registrars shall forward an absentee ballot to him and shall include his name on a list of persons qualified under this section which shall be sent to the city or town clerk. The provisions of sections ninety-four to ninety-six, inclusive, of chapter fifty-four shall apply to such ballots.

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Date published: June 23, 2022
Last updated: June 22, 2022

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