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Mass. General Laws c.64G § 14

Regulation of operators by cities or towns

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Added by St.2018, c. 337, § 8, effective March 28, 2019

Section 14

A city or town, by ordinance or by-law, may regulate operators registered pursuant to section 67 of chapter 62C and impose penalties for the violation of such an ordinance or by-law. A city or town, by ordinance or by-law, may:

(i) regulate the existence or location of operators under this section within the city or town, including regulating the class of operators and number of local licenses or permits issued to operators under this section and the number of days a person may operate and rent out an accommodation in a calendar year;

(ii) require the licensing or registration of operators within the city or town; provided, however, that a city or town may: (A) accept a certificate of registration issued to an operator in accordance with section 67 of chapter 62C in lieu of requiring an operator to obtain a local license or registration under this section; or (B) issue a provisional license or registration to permit an operator to offer accommodations on temporary or seasonal basis;

(iii) require operators to demonstrate that any properties or premises controlled, occupied, operated, managed or used as accommodations subject to the excise under this chapter are not subject to any outstanding building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire, health, housing or zoning code enforcement, including any notices of violation, notices to cure, orders of abatement, cease and desist orders or correction notices;

(iv) require properties or premises controlled, occupied, operated, managed or used by operators as an accommodation subject to the excise under this chapter to undergo health and safety inspections; provided, however, that the cost of any inspection conducted under this section shall be charged to and solely paid by the operator under this section; provided further, that after any initial health and safety inspection, the city or town may determine the frequency of any subsequent inspections;

(v) establish a civil penalty for violation of an ordinance or by-law enacted pursuant to this section; provided, however, that a city or town that suspends or terminates an operator’s right to operate an accommodation for a violation of any ordinance or bylaw shall notify the commissioner of revenue of the suspension or termination; and

(vi) establish a reasonable fee to cover the costs associated with the local administration and enforcement of regulating operators and accommodations.

Notwithstanding any ordinance or by-law adopted by a city or town pursuant to this section, an operator of a short-term rental shall post inside the short-term rental unit information regarding the location of any fire extinguishers, gas shut off valves, fire exits and fire alarms in the unit and building.

Nothing in this section shall preclude a city or town from publishing a public registry of all short-term rental accommodations located within that city or town offered for rent by operators who are registered in accordance with section 67 of chapter 62C. A city or town may determine what relevant information shall be listed, including where the accommodation is located.



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