Mass. General Laws c.71 § 6B

A military-connected student school enrollment

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Section 6B

(a) As used in this section, “military-connected student” shall mean a student who is an unemancipated person whose parent or guardian: (i) is in the active military service of the United States; or (ii) is full-time status during active service with the National Guard of any state.

(b)  A military-connected student whose parent or guardian is being relocated to the commonwealth under military orders and is transferred to, or is pending transfer to, a military installation within the commonwealth shall be deemed a resident pupil of the applicable school district for the purposes of enrollment. A school district shall permit a military-connected student to enroll preliminarily by remote registration without charge and shall not require a parent or guardian of the military-connected student or the military-connected student to physically appear at a location within the district to register the student; provided, however, that a parent or guardian of a military-connected student shall present evidence of military orders that the parent or guardian will be stationed in the commonwealth during the current or following school year. To enroll a student, the parent or guardian shall use an address that: (i) is within the school district where the military-connected student is to be enrolled; and (ii) is either: (A) a temporary on-base billeting facility; (B) a purchased or leased home or apartment; or (C) federal government or public-private venture off-base military housing. Proof of residency shall not be required at the time of the remote registration but shall be required not later than 10 days of the military-connected student’s attendance in the school district.

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