Mass. General Laws c.94G § 12

General marijuana establishment operation

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In addition to requirements established by regulation pursuant to section 4 of this chapter or by a city or town pursuant to section 3 of this chapter, a marijuana establishment shall:

(1)  secure every entrance to the establishment so that access to areas containing marijuana is restricted to employees and others permitted by the marijuana establishment to access the area and to agents of the commission or state and local law enforcement officers and emergency personnel; and

(2)  secure its inventory and equipment during and after operating hours to deter and prevent theft of marijuana, marijuana products and marijuana accessories.


No marijuana establishment may cultivate, process, test, store or manufacture marijuana or marijuana products at any location other than at a physical address approved by the commission and within an area that is enclosed and secured in a manner that prevents access by persons not permitted by the marijuana establishment to access the area. A greenhouse or outdoor marijuana cultivation area shall have sufficient security measures to demonstrate that outdoor areas are not readily accessible by unauthorized individuals, including perimeter security fencing designed to prevent unauthorized entry.


No marijuana establishment shall allow cultivation, processing, manufacture, sale or display of marijuana or marijuana products to be visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids.


No marijuana establishment shall refuse representatives of the commission the right at any time of operation to inspect the entire licensed premises or to audit the books and records of the marijuana establishment.


No marijuana establishment shall allow any person under 21 years of age to volunteer or work for the marijuana establishment.


No marijuana establishment shall cultivate, manufacture, sell or otherwise transact business with any products containing cannabinoids other than those that were produced, distributed and taxed in compliance with this chapter or any hemp and hemp products cultivated and manufactured in compliance with a license from the department of agricultural resources pursuant to chapter 128 and is in compliance with regulations set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture.


No licensee shall operate a marijuana establishment without an operations certificate issued by the commission.


Each licensee shall file an emergency response plan with the fire department and police department of the host community.

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