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MassAchieve welcomes you to a new, robust, and modern learning experience. Coming Summer 2021, you'll discover easy navigation, user-friendly features and thousands of fresh online courses to complement your Commonwealth training requirements.

A New World of Learning Awaits You

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Table of Contents

About MassAchieve

What is MassAchieve?
MassAchieve is the Commonwealth's new robust and modern learning management system (LMS), for employee education, training and development. MassAchieve offers employees online learning courses, access to online training requirements and real-time data and reporting tools  

Who is MassAchieve for? 
Employees in the Commonwealth’s executive departments have access to MassAchieve

How can I get to MassAchieve? 
We will be sharing login details and more access information on MassAchieve coming soon!

Why is the Commonwealth launching MassAchieve?
MassAchieve will become our central learning and training resource, eventually replacing the PACE system 

When can I access MassAchieve? 
Coming late Summer 2021!

About the Project

MassAchieve will offer the Commonwealth's executive department employees a new and exciting web–based learning experience.

Here you'll find a contemporary and user-friendly way to energize your learning and development, coming in late Summer 2021. 

MassAchieve will include thousands of modern online training courses, in addition to one easy, streamlined place to complete your Commonwealth training requirements.

Are you looking to advance your skills in a subject area in your professional field?  Want to become competent in a new skill or to build on skills you've already mastered? 

You'll be able to learn, grow and succeed by following your recommended, required or chosen training and developmental courses.

MassAchieve will help you unlock your professional potential.

Please check back for more updates and details coming soon.

MassAchieve Project Timeline

Project Phase Dates Subject to Change
Project Initiation Winter 2020
Development Spring-Summer 2021
Launch Late Summer 2021


Features and Benefits

Simple. Modern. Convenient.
MassAchieve offers one convenient, user-friendly location to access all of your state-wide required trainings, plus thousands of online professional development courses, all in one place.

Advanced reporting and reminders
Intuitive and modern reporting will allow managers and administrators visual and real time completion and compliance reports. Training reminders will come directly through the MassAchieve system, eliminating email inbox overflow! 

Searching for courses
Powerful search features allows you to easily find courses and programs to enroll in.

Easily view course completion transcripts  
Eventually, your course completion transcripts will be centralized and conveniently accessed directly from your learner home page in MassAchieve, even if you move within the Commonwealth.

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