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Login Information

To login, please go to MassAchieveCommonwealth executive department employees can reference the welcome email sent by MassAchieve that contains their login information.  

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About MassAchieve

What is MassAchieve?
MassAchieve is the Commonwealth's robust and modern learning management system (LMS) for employee education, training and professional development.

MassAchieve offers employees online eLearning courses for personal and professional development, and easy access to required online training courses. Managers and administrators have real-time data and reporting tools. An exciting web–based learning experience with a contemporary and user-friendly platform will energize your learning and development!   

Who is MassAchieve for? 
Employees in the Commonwealth’s executive departments have access to MassAchieve.

Why is the Commonwealth launching MassAchieve?
MassAchieve is our central learning and training resource, eventually replacing the PACE system. MassAchieve includes thousands of modern online training courses, in addition to one easy, streamlined place to complete your Commonwealth training requirements.

Whether you are looking to advance your skills in a subject area in your professional field, or you want to learn new skills...MassAchieve will help you unlock your professional potential.

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Features and Benefits

Simple. Modern. Convenient
MassAchieve offers one convenient, user-friendly location to access all of your state-wide required trainings, plus thousands of online professional development courses, all in one place.

Advanced reporting and reminders
Intuitive and modern reporting allows for real time completion and compliance reports.

Search. Find. Learn!
Powerful search features allow you to easily find course topics and take your selected trainings.

All Secretariat and Agency Learning Administrators

Welcome Learning Admins!

Thank you for playing a critical role in the success of MassAchieve. We are so grateful that you're on this journey with us. 

With the many rich features and capabilities available with MassAchieve, we'll be using a phased, thoughtful, and deliberate approach to learning about, introducing, and adding new features and functionalities to our system, as part of our governance and stabilization plan. 

Initial Focus

Our initial launch period is focused on four areas serving active executive department employees:

  1. Statewide mandatory training content 

  2. Mandatory training courses selected by agencies

  3. A library of 3,000+ eLearning courses available to all executive department employees 

  4. Employee transcripts directly related to the mandatory trainings in #1-2 above and for all courses completed in MassAchieve since August 2021

MassAchieve and PACE

Thank you for playing a critical role in the launch of our powerful new learning management system, MassAchieve on Monday August 23. This launch will include all Commonwealth statewide mandatory/required trainings as well as agency specific mandatory/required trainings. You’ll note that each of your agencies and/or secretariats defined the list of agency required trainings. Additionally, all employees will have access to the expansive eLearning library that is part of our new system upon the launch.    

Learning administrators can upload or edit any of their agency-specific trainings

Executive department employees must complete their Commonwealth/statewide required trainings in MassAchieve, in order to be in compliance with training requirements. Courses will not be considered in compliance if completed in PACE. 

Please note that as of August 11, 2021, we no longer support any activity in PACE related to any mandatory training. This includes taking training, changing, updating, or adding any mandatory/required trainings.     

While we are in the process of retiring PACE, PACE will be available on a limited basis for non-mandatory trainings until we transition fully to MassAchieve. We will share updates as available.  

If you have any questions, please contact MassAchieve at

Training Resources 

Are you a learning admin at your agency and need access to the Learning Admin Team SharePoint Site? Email us

Our Learning Admin Team SharePoint site features MassAchieve news, updates, access to training resources, job aids and recommended Cornerstone Success Center training courses. 

Important Reminder about Employee Data 

Our user data and employee information comes directly from HR/CMS and is refreshed daily. If you or your staff find errors such as your name, email address, manager name, agency, etc. please contact your agency HR director for assistance with making those updates directly. We cannot make those changes manually in MassAchieve.

Support and Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help make using MassAchieve as easy and user-friendly as possible. 

If you need support or have questions about MassAchieve, please review our additional help and FAQs below.  

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