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Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Program (MCVP) – Guidance for Vaccine Providers and Organizations

The goal of the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccination Program (MCVP) is to protect the residents of the Commonwealth through the safe and efficient administration of COVID-19 vaccine.

The guidance on this page will help prepare vaccine providers for the receipt and administration of COVID-19 vaccine in Massachusetts. As a reminder, providers must continue to follow the terms of any Emergency Use Authorization.

Table of Contents

Guidance on COVID-19 vaccine management and administration for vaccine providers

This guidance provides information on becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider, information about COVID-19 vaccine products, requesting vaccine and reporting to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS), storage and handling, and clinical considerations.

Providers must also:

  • Sign and electronically submit the Massachusetts COVID-19 Program (MCVP) Agreement Form. Contact the MDPH Vaccine Unit for more information: dph-vaccine-management@mass.gov
  • Confirm that your facility is fully registered and on-boarded to submit vaccine-administered data to the Massachusetts Immunization Information (MIIS). Contact the MIIS Unit for more information: miishelpdesk@mass.gov

Vaccine redistribution

Vaccine can be redistributed to sites that have completed an MCVP Agreement.

Sites that are redistributing vaccine must ensure that they are transferring COVID-19 vaccine to other providers who have completed the MCVP agreement. Registered users will have access to the Vaccines Module in MIIS to complete and accept these transfers. It is critical to document all vaccine transfers in the MIIS; failure to do so will cause inaccurate inventories leading to less vaccine being allocated to you in future orders.  Providers should only transfer COVID-19 vaccine to providers that have completed the MCVP agreement. Providers receiving COVID-19 vaccine should confirm what has been physically received is what has been transferred before completing the transfer. Please review: 


COVID-19 Vaccine Management Standard Operating Procedure Template

Download: COVID-19 Vaccine Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template updated October 14, 2022.
The purpose of the COVID-19 Vaccine Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template is to ensure the vaccine cold chain is maintained for optimum potency. All staff handling vaccines must read, sign, and adhere to the protocols described in this document.

COVID-19 vaccine provider training and resources

Guidance on use and allowable wastage of COVID-19 vaccine

Download: Guidance on Use and Allowable Wastage of COVID-19 Vaccine, updated October 21, 2021
Given the increase in vaccine availability and lower consumer demand, the Department is asking providers to maximize doses administered, understanding that this will increase waste. In the Commonwealth’s effort to effectively administer vaccines to as many individuals as possible, and to utilize as many doses as possible that are due to expire, the following guidance is provided.

COVID-19 vaccine ordering process

Providers can order vaccine directly from the MIIS as needed, within certain limits. This direct ordering process will allow providers more flexibility in identifying their vaccine needs and in planning their order timing.

Frequently asked questions about the MCVP Provider Agreement

Download: Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine Program (MCVP) Agreement FAQ PDF | Doc, updated December 24, 2020.

Weekly provider bulletins

DPH issues a weekly bulletin to MCVP-enrolled providers with vaccine inventory.

See the latest bulletin and previous issues.

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