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The Board develops programs and policies with the goal to increase the consumption of Massachusetts dairy products.
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The Massachusetts Dairy Promotion Board is a group of state officials, dairy farmers and others from the dairy industry.

The Board was created as a result of the Dairy Preservation Act of 2008. The goal of the Board is to create programs and policies to increase the consumption of Massachusetts dairy products. This goal is carried out through the annual release of the Massachusetts Dairy Promotion Grant Program.

The Board shall submit an annual report to the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means and the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.

While the Department of Agricultural Resources will chair the nine-member Board, other state agencies that will participate include the Secretary of Administration and Finance as well as dairy farmers representing the Massachusetts Cooperative of Milk Producers Federation, the New England Producer Handlers Association, the Massachusetts Association of Dairy Farmers, the Agri-mark Cooperative and a member representing the Massachusetts Food Association.

Each member serves for a term of 3 years. The Board shall meet quarterly or as need be if requested by 4 or more members of the board.

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Table of Contents

MA Dairy Promotion Board Meetings

Board Members

Ashley Randle, Chair

Mary Jordan, Chair-Designee

David Hanson, Vice-Chairman

Darryl Williams, Treasurer

Melissa Griffin, Secretary

Lynne Bohan, Board Member

Jessica Dizek, Board Member

Kathleen Herrick, Board Member

Krisanne Koebke, Board Member

Brian McKeon, ANF

Katie Rozenas, MDPB Coordinator

Board Minutes

Annual Reports

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