Massachusetts State Rehabilitation Council (MA SRC)

The MA SRC is a partner of MRC.

Our Mission and Vision


Ensuring that all individuals with disabilities are supported to live their best lives, through consumer-driven, meaningful, competitive, and integrated employment and sustainable careers.


The Massachusetts State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable advisory body that is committed to promoting competitive and sustainable employment for all people with disabilities, including those marginalized by inequalities.

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What is an advisory council?


  • to gain the input and support of key community leaders;
  • to keep long-time supporters and past board members involved
  • to assure that decisions have been weighed from as many perspectives as possible

The benefit of the council's collective and individual thinking adds to the ultimate decision-making of the governing body.

We do not have decision-making authority - most advisory groups have an impact through influence and persuasion.

The SRC is an advisory council

  • Under 34 CFR §361.16, a mandatory part of vocational rehabilitation service delivery framework is to ensure that the disability community plays a significant role in how the vocational rehabilitation program operates
  • The SRC shall advise the Commissioner in matters of interest relating to the delivery of rehabilitation services.” Mass.Gen.Laws ch.6 §76
  • The SRC is “established to advise the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission on the provision of vocational rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities, in compliance with the requirements of the Rehabilitation Act [of 1973, sect.105].” MA Executive Order No. 368

What is the scope of the work the SRC undertakes?

To review, analyze, and advise the VR agency functions that affect or potentially affect the ability of individuals with disabilities in achieving employment outcomes, e.g., eligibility, order or selections, service delivery, etc.

To Jointly

  • conduct the comprehensive needs assessment of individuals with disabilities in the State
  • develop (and agree to) the State’s annual goals and priorities in carrying out the vocational rehabilitation program, and
  • evaluates the State’s performance relative to its goals on an annual basis

To Prepare and submit to the Governor and to the Secretary an annual report on the status of vocational rehabilitation programs.

Our Membership and Composition

  • Appointed by the Governor for a three year term
  • Can serve two consecutive terms
  • If term expires before reappointment, member serves in “hold over status” until reappointed, replaced, or the member resigns
  • Members represent the consumer/stakeholder/business voices for the vocational rehabilitation program offering valuable input. 
  • Each person brings a unique perspective to an SRC from which the agency benefits, resulting in a more consumer driven system
  • Governing laws require that some seats be filled by specific disability community representatives

Current SRC Members

The SRC is composed of individuals appointed by the Governor to serve staggered terms, a majority of whom must be people with disabilities. Federal regulations require the SRC to have representatives from specific individuals, groups, and organizations. Executive Order 368 provides additional categories of members ensuring demographic, geographic, minority, and cross-disability representation within the SRC’s membership

Category of Members

Held By

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(i)

Statewide Independent Living Council Chair or designee

Steven Higgins

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(ii)

Representative from the parent training information center established IDEA

Rebecca Davis

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(iii)

Client Assistance Program Director or designee

Naomi Goldberg

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(iv)

Qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Paula Euber (non-voting)

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(v)

Representative from community rehabilitation program service providers

Stephen LaMaster

Business, Industry, & Labor Rep.

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1) (vi)

4 of 4 representatives of business, industry, and labor


Rosanna Woodmansee



34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(vii)

Individual representing disability groups that include cross section of physical, cognitive, sensory, mental disabilities, and those who have difficulty representing themselves or unable to represent themselves due to their disability

Dawn Clark

Matthew Bander

Youcef “Joe” Bellil

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(viii)

Current or former applicant for, or recipient of, vocational rehabilitation services

Tay Silveira

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(ix)

In state that receives AIVRS, at least one representative of the directors of the project


34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(x)

Representative from state educational agency responsible for the public education of students with disabilities

Heather Wood

34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(xi)

Representative from State workforce development board


34 CFR 361.17(b)(1)(xii)

Director of the designated state unit

Kathleen Biebel (non-voting)

EO 368 appointed

Higher education representative

Dr. Lusa Lo


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