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MassGIS Data: Bicycle Trails

June 2023

This layer represents trails which all permit bicycle travel; however, bicycles are not the exclusive travel mode permitted on these trails.

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This data set replaces the 2004 layer of bicycle facilities in Massachusetts. It consists of four facility types: shared use paths, bike lanes, separated bike lanes and bicycle/pedestrian priority roadways. The inventory is primarily from MassDOT's 2020 dataset and includes all state-owned infrastructure as well as facilities under local jurisdiction. Linework has been adjusted in some places to be more accurate based on DCR Trails, Open Street Map, and MassGIS 2021 Orthoimagery.

This data set is stored in ArcSDE BIKETRAILS_ARC.


This dataset is derived from the MassDOT Bike Inventory 2020 layer. It was reduced to show only existing bike facilities. Linework for the major Rail Trails, State Park trails, and many Shared Use Paths were edited based on a combination of DCR Trails and Open Street Map data, along with the MassGIS 2021 Orthoimagery.


The attribute table contains the following items:

Item Name Type/Width Description
MassDOT Route ID String/16 Route Identifier assigned in the MassDOT Bike Inventory 2020 layer
Local Name String/100 Route Name
Alternate Name String/254 Regional or other additional name(s)
Facility Type String/25 Type of bike facility: shared use path, bike lane, separated bike lane, or bicycle/pedestrian priority roadway
Surface Type String/25 Where information is available from MassDOT or DCR, the bike trail surface material
Original Data Source String/100 Field included in the original MassDOT layer about where they got the data
Line Source String/25 Source of any changes made to a line segment
Route Source String/50 Source for the route, most are MassDOT but some were added from DCR and OSM
Name Source String/50 Source for the Local Name of some line segments that were NULL in the original MassDOT layer


This dataset is based on information from 2020 and 2021. Bike routes are frequently being constructed. The MassTrails Priority Trails Network Viewer shows planned bike infrastructure. MassDOT also hosts a Bike Inventory Update Reporter where users can add or update their trails data.

Date published: September 1, 2004
Last updated: June 22, 2023

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