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MassGIS Data: MassDOT Highway Districts

April 2022

This data layer represents the six districts of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Highway Division in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Each district supervises all construction within its jurisdiction; performs on-site engineering; implements maintenance and preventative maintenance programs; generates proposals for maintenance and construction work; and provides engineering support to cities and towns.

The two feature classes - polygon and arc - are stored in ArcSDE as MHDDISTRICTS_POLY and MHDDISTRICTS_ARC.

The polygon feature class was updated in August 2021 to be based on the Survey Towns Boundaries (previously based on the USGS-based town boundaries).


The bounds of the MassDOT Highway Districts were created by MassDOT from the MassGIS survey-level town boundaries. The current six districts were established in September 2013. MassGIS received the data from MassDOT and projected it to the Mass. State Plane Meters coordinate system. MassGIS created an arc layer from the polygons and coded the lines for the OUTLINE field. Both layers are included in the downloadable shapefile zip.


The polygon attribute table contains the following fields:

Field Description
DIST_NAME District name
DISTRICT District number (1 - 6)

The arc attribute table contains the following field:

Field Description
OUTLINE Boundary type:
 9 = MassDOT Highway District boundary
 1 = State outline
 4 = Coastline


MassDOT will provide any updates to MassGIS.

Updated in April 2022 to reflect recent edits to the Municipalities layers.

Also view/download the polygon data from the MassDOT Open Data Portal.

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