MASSVETS Veteran Financial Benefits

The Executive Office of Veterans Services offers financial help to eligible veterans and family members.

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A Financial Safety Net for Massachusetts Veterans

The Executive Office of Veterans Services (EOVS) offers several financial benefits through its MASSVETS program.

Chapter 115 benefits help pay for daily living expenses, medical costs, housing, and other necessities. EOVS also offers an Annuity to eligible disabled veterans, parents of deceased veterans, and the unmarried spouses of deceased veterans.

Chapter 115 Benefits

The Executive Office of Veterans Services administers financial, medical, and dental assistance to eligible veterans and their dependents under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 115. Chapter 115 is a means-tested program that provides eligible veterans and their families with financial support for food, shelter, clothing, fuel, and medical care. Check your eligibility and apply here.

Annuity Payments

EOVS also offers an annuity to certain disabled veterans, parents of deceased veterans, and unmarried spouses of deceased veterans living in Massachusetts. The annuity is $2,000 which is payable biannually on August 1st and February 1st in two installments of $1,000 each. Learn more and apply here.

Veterans Bonuses

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides a bonus to veterans of certain designated campaigns who were living in Massachusetts immediately prior to entry in the armed forces. In case of the death of a veteran, the spouse and children, mother or father, brother or sister or other dependents of the deceased veteran (in that order) are eligible for a bonus. Learn more and apply here.

Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans

To qualify, all veterans (and spouses where applicable) must:

  • Be legal residents of Massachusetts
  • Occupy the property as his/her domicile on July 1 in the year of application
  • Have lived in Massachusetts for at least six months prior to entering the service (spouses exempted)


  • Have lived in Massachusetts for five consecutive years immediately prior to filing for a property tax exemption

In most cases a surviving spouse receives the exemption if they were receiving it before the veteran passed away. However, surviving spouses receiving exemption under Clauses 22 and 22D lose the exemption upon remarriage. Click here for a taxpayers guide on local property tax exemptions for Massachusetts Veterans

Find help outside of Massachusetts

Massachusetts veterans benefits are for residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

If a veteran lives outside of Massachusetts, they may be eligible for benefits in their state of residence. Every state has an office or department of veterans services. This office can provide information about veterans' benefits offered by that state. Find a list of state offices/departments of veterans' services here.

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