Mastering Transitions To Independence

Find advice on how to navigate best through age- or circumstantial transitions toward your goals. How do you form plans with counselors, work toward them, and engage over time with them?

While MCB helps younger clients through school experiences, as students near graduation from high school, our Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselors work with clients toward the next stages of their life. Whether transitioning toward work, college, or just an independent life, learn how MCB works to help you navigate forward.


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Building An Ally Through Transitions
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Finding And Activating Talent


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Read About Using Services


Technology: MCB's Tech Teams Work For Blind Clients

MCB helps clients understand and adopt an array of tech tools for reading, communication, and much more. Discover how MCB provides tools at no cost to clients and ensures they are compatible with other software and equipment.

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MCB Matches Kids With Extraordinary Experiences

Part of MCB's work with 14- to 22-year-old students is finding and facilitating experiences that extend their interests and confidence.

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MCB, Teachers, And Your Plans: Getting The Most From Your School

Beginning in their school years, and especially in the vital 14-22 years, MCB works together with school districts and Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) to advocate for blind students.

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Working Together: How Doctors and MCB Work Together For Clients

Every patient's journey with MCB begins from the moment their doctor declares them legally blind. Aligned from the start, doctors and MCB counselors and staff work immediately and over years to define and refine the tools, training, assistance, and accommodations that enhance the quality of their life.

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Defining Success For MCB's Clients

Every MCB client is on their own journey with their blindness. We set markers of progress for them according to their own measures. What does success mean for the many clients across Massachusetts? The answers are both incredibly variable, but fundamentally similar.

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What MCB's Vocational Rehabilitation Offers

The goal of VR is to — to the degree possible — help prepare clients in overcoming barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment and/or other useful occupations.

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