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MCDHH’s Quality Assurance Screening Program seeks to increase the diversity and quantity of qualified interpreters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Please take a moment to view this introductory vlog which explains what is happening with our screenings.

What is the MCDHH Quality Assurance Screening?

MCDHH conducts various interpreter screenings to evaluate freelance interpreters who are not yet certified by nationally recognized organizations, but who may be qualified to interpret in certain settings in Massachusetts. MCDHH-approved interpreters are considered entry-level practitioners and are referred to interpret in settings appropriate to their skill level. Interpreters are encouraged to continue to upgrade their skills in order to become nationally certified. 

What Types of Screenings are Available?

MCDHH offers three generalist screenings for Deaf and ASL/Spoken English Interpreters.

For ASL/Spoken English Interpreters, there are two generalist screenings:

  1. ASL Interpretation:

Interpreting is the cultural and linguistic transmission of a message from ASL to spoken English, and vice versa.

  1. English Transliteration:

Transliteration is the transmission of a message from spoken English to a visual, manually coded version of English in conjunction with mouthing the English words, and vice versa.

We also offer a Deaf Interpreter screening and a Legal Interview for interpreters who have been trained to interpret in those respective settings.

Deaf Interpreter screening: a Deaf interpreter who has demonstrated the skills, knowledge and judgment to be able facilitate communication in most situations including complex, technical or specialized situations.

Legal Interpreter Interview: MCDHH provides approval to interpreters working in legal situations. An interpreter must take the Legal Interview in order to work in those settings in Massachusetts.

All screenings start with an interview to assess the candidate’s knowledge of, experience with, and ability to apply the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct to the field.

Once an entry level candidate passes the interview portion, they can then apply to sit for the performance portion of the Screening.

MCDHH offers the performance portion in three (3) formats: 

1. ASL Interpretation

2. English Transliteration

3. Deaf Interpreting

Once the candidate passes the Performance portion of the exam, they become an MCDHH-Approved Interpreter/Transliterator or MCDHH-Screened Deaf Interpreter (SDI) and are able to receive interpreting assignments through the MCDHH Interpreter Referral Service after contracting with MCDHH.

Please check out the “What is Screening?” vlog.

For a more detailed description of the Screening, please see the Resource Guides below.

Application | Screening Process

All screenings begin with an application, which can be obtained from this website. 

The application will be reviewed by the Screening and Evaluation Coordinator and once approved, the Coordinator will reach out to schedule an interview. 

Below are the required documents that must be submitted along with your application.

ASL/Spoken English Interpretation Application Requirements:

  • Screening Application
  • 3 References:
    • 2 Deaf consumers
    • 1 Certified ASL/Spoken English Interpreter or Educator

There is a Screening Resource Guide 2023 which is helpful when studying for the interview portion of the Screening.

Deaf Interpreter Application Requirements:

  • Screening Application
  • 3 References:
    • 1 Deaf interpreter either Screened or Certified
    • 1 Deaf consumer
    • 1 Certified ASL/Spoken English Interpreter

There is a Deaf Interpreters Resource Guide 2023 listed below which explains the whole Screening process and is helpful when preparing for the Screening.

Legal Interview Application Requirements:

  • Legal Interview Application
  • Legal Experience Verification
  • 3 Letters of Reference:
    • 1 Deaf interpreter
    • 1 Deaf professional
    • 1 Certified ASL/Spoken English Interpreter

Please Note: 

All references must have seen the applicant interpret. Interpreting settings can be formal, informal, mentor/mentee situations, etc. Please share the reference forms under Screening Forms with your references. For Legal Interviews, please have the reference letters emailed directly to


The Interpretation and Transliteration Screenings are held ten times (10x) per year on the first Friday of the month - September through June - unless the dates conflict with holy days or holidays. Additional screenings are provided during the month of June to accommodate recent graduates of interpreter training programs.

The Screenings for Deaf Interpreters take place once or twice per year or on an as-needed basis. Legal Interviews are held on an as-needed basis.


Please see the Resource guide for application fees.

The application fee is non-refundable. The payment via check or money order must be sent to:

Accounts Receivable
MCDHH Interpreter Screening Program

600 Washington St
Boston, MA 02111-1704

Please Note: Currently, all MCDHH Screenings are being held virtually until further notice.

For more information, please see the list of resources below.


Screening Forms

ASL/English Screening:

Deaf Interpreter (DI) Screening

Legal Interview

Legal Interpreter Interview Application

Legal Interpreter Resource Guide (coming soon)

Additional Resources:

RID’s Code of Professional Conduct in ASL

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at:



Please Note:
MCDHH-Approved credentials will continue in full force and effect until newly redesigned Screening Program is operational.

Please view the vlog: “Screening Credentials Will Continue

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