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MCPPO Schedule and Class Information

We teach about procurement, contracting, fraud awareness, ethics and governance and provide best practices to assist public employees, private vendors and others in conducting legal and effective business with the Commonwealth and its local jurisdictions.

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About the MCPPO program

MCPPO program classes and trainings benefit a wide range of individuals and organizations, including:

  • Procurement officials and staff
  • Superintendents, school business officials and staff
  • Public works directors and staff
  • Housing authority officials
  • Architects and engineers performing public work
  • Auditors
  • Department heads, contracting officers and staff
  • Not-for-profit employees
  • Members of the public

Please read the MCPPO Policies before registering.

Please see the MCPPO Online Class Technical Specifications before registering.

Registration closes one week before a class or training starts. Blackboard login information will be emailed to registrants two business days before a class starts.

Note: We updated the MCPPO designation requirements and the application and renewal processes to make them more relevant and inclusive. We reduced the number of designations from six to two: (1) an MCPPO designation and (2) an Associate MCPPO designation. To obtain a designation, you must take all three of our core classes — Public Contracting Overview, Supplies and Services Contracting and Design and Construction Contracting. Other requirements apply.

Summer 2021 Schedule

Summer classes and trainings are online, and registration is now open.

July and August 2021 classes: The online payment program is now open. The MCPPO Summer Registration Form is also available now. Please note that we cannot complete your registration until we receive payment. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in class.

We are offering:

  • Supplies and Services Contracting
  • Real Property Transactions Under M.G.L. c. 30B
  • Contract Administration
  • Boards and Commissions: Know Your Responsibilities
  • How to Navigate an Investigation by an Oversight Agency
  • Promoting Procurement Diversity Using Chapter 30B
  • Massachusetts Public Construction Bid Laws and Workforce Participation Goal Requirements
  • Winter-Related Procurement
  • Public Sector Ethics

For class dates and times, see below.

MCPPO Designation and Designation Renewal Classes

PCO, SSC, DCC and MCPPO Designation Renewal Schedule
Class name Dates
Public Contracting Overview  
Design and Construction Contracting  
Supplies and Services Contracting Online 


MCPPO Designation Renewal  

Certification and Recertification Classes

School Project Designers and Owner's Project Managers and Charter School Certification
Class name Dates
School Project Designers and
Owner's Project Managers Certification


School Project Designers and
Owner's Project Managers Recertification


Charter School Procurement


MCPPO Electives

MCPPO Training Webinars

The MCPPO program is offering training webinars on various topics about improving government and accountability. All trainings, although geared towards public employees and officials, are available to all interested parties including private sector employees, not-for-profit employees and members of the public.

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