MPO GHG Assessment and Reporting Guidance

MassDOT and the Commonwealth’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) assess and report greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of Transportation Improvement Plan/State Transportation Improvement Program (TIP/STIP) projects.

MassDOT Office of Transportation Planning provides a guidance document to ensure MassDOT and MPOs assess and report project greenhouse gas emission impacts in a consistent manner. The Office of Transportation Planning updates and distributes this document.

Transportation Improvement Program Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Reporting Guidance Document (Updated January 2020)


STIP GHG Appendices

MassDOT and the Commonwealth’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) have been assessing and publishing Transportation Improvement Plans’/State Transportation Improvement Programs’ (TIP/STIP) greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts since the 2013-2016 STIP process in an effort to better understand how project programming and funding decisions increase or decrease transportation sector GHG emissions. A STIP appendix reports these impacts each year.

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