MRC and On The Job Training Funds

See how OJT can help your business.

Prospective employers may wish to take advantage of an option offered by the MRC to reimburse the salary of an employee during an on-site training period known as On-The- Job-Training (OJT).

Meeting the staffing needs of your business through OJT

On the Job Training (OJT) and On the Job Evaluation (OJE) are two cost-saving benefits offered by the Massachusetts  Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to assist you in finding qualified, pre-screened job candidates.

Companies who have used our job-based programs have found them to be very successful. Client Paratemps had this to say about their experience:“We had the opportunity to do an OJE with an MRC consumer. It was a great experience for the individual and for us. We plan to spread the word. MRC works!”

The process is simple for any employer; a one page agreement is all it takes. For more information or to initiate an OJT, please call 1-800-245-6543 or your local VR Office.

"I like working with MRC because I get skilled employees and those persons get a chance. It's amazing what can happen when you focus on people's abilities".
One Parker Street Company

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