MRC Connect FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about MRC Connect

Table of Contents

Where can I find the online application?

The application can be found at MRC Connect Online Application (

Is the online application replacing other referral channels?

No. The online application is an additional avenue for MRC to receive referrals for MRC services and programs.

What kind of information does the online application collect?

The online application collects preliminary information from consumers, such as: basic demographic and personal information and other referral items that ask about education, healthcare and benefits, employment, and financial information.

Can a consumer submit supporting documents with the online application?

Yes. If consumers have appropriate documentation at the time of filling out the application, they can upload digital documents to the online application. If not, MRC staff will be following up with each applicant to obtain the appropriate documentation.

Does the online application determine eligibility for programs?

No. The online application does not determine eligibility. The application acts as a referral and is intended to understand a consumer’s needs. This allows MRC to share information across potential programs so the consumer only has to provide the information once.

Will the online application be available in other languages?

Yes, the application can be translated by selecting a language from the drop down menu at the top of the page. 

What if I have a question?

For questions about the Online Application please contact: Online Application Help Desk: 617-204-3665.