Municipal Finance Best Practices Training and Resources

Recommended practices and guidance for municipal finance officials.

Table of Contents

Municipal Finance Best Practices

Webinar: Yarmouth Tax Rate Recap Process Webinar (Video) 
In this webinar, the town of Yarmouth’s financial management team highlights how collaboration amongst staff has resulted in a streamlines tax rate recap process. The slides presented can be viewed
here (pdf). In addition, you can reference DLS’ Budget and Tax Rate Planning Tool, which the team Yarmouth uses as part of their automated process.

Preparing the Budget Document (Video) This video describes the process for creating a municipal budget document, including the key components and suggested format.

The Importance of Annual Municipal Audits (PDF) 

The Importance of the Treasurer's Cash Book (PDF) 

Reconciling Cash and Receivables (PDF) 

City, Town and District Reserve Funds (PDF) 

Understanding Municipal Debt (PDF) 

Revenue and Appropriation Deficits (PDF) 

Stabilization Funds: Overview and Best Practices (Video)

The Overlay Reserve Account: Allowances for Abatements and Exemptions (Video)

Enterprise Funds: Overview and Best Practices (Video) 

Using Financial Indicators to Analyze Fiscal Health

View the videos below to learn how local financial and demographic data can be used to indicate the status of a municipality’s fiscal health. This analysis can be helpful during the budget preparation process to build a clearer picture of financial trends and how your community arrived at its present financial condition.

Download the companion workbook, Financial Indicators Template (Excel), to analyze your own community's data.

General Governance Best Practices

Onboarding and Offboarding Employees: Municipal Finance Laws (PDF)

What is "Home Rule?" (PDF) 

Transitioning Government Positions From Elected to Appointed (Video) This video describes the transition process, and the benefits that can be gained, when changing a municipal office from elected to appointed.

Date published: July 30, 2020
Last updated: March 18, 2021