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Northeast Ocean Plan

Find information on and links to this regional ocean plan for the Northeast.

On December 7, 2016, the Northeast Regional Planning Body (RPB)—a group with representatives from six New England states, six federally recognized tribes, nine federal agencies, and the New England Fishery Management Council—announced the completion of the Northeast Ocean Plan. The plan is the result of a 2010 federal Executive Order that established a national ocean policy and tasked regional planning bodies with developing regional ocean plans. Several years of scientific study, data analysis, public participation, and collaboration led to a comprehensive characterization of ocean ecosystems and human uses and the subsequent development of a regional ocean plan for the Northeast. The plan commits to using better regional ocean information to guide and inform decisions made under existing authorities. This approach, coupled with best practices for enhanced coordination and public engagement, enables agencies in the region to identify potential conflicts between ocean uses and inform efforts to mitigate negative impacts to marine life and habitat. Data used to develop the plan is available through the Northeast Ocean Data Portal.

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