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Office of Claims Administration (OCA)

The Office of Claims Administration starts the dispute process with the DIA when we receive a filing by employers, insurance companies, attorneys, and third parties. The OCA has important responsibilities within the DIA and the public.

Claims Processing Unit

The Claims Processing Operations Unit has 2 functions. The 1st being receiving Form 101 - First Reports of Injury (which can only be filed electronically), insurance forms, claims, and liens per 452 CMR 1.00.

The 2nd function is to enter information (including online filings) into our case management database. All information must be accurate; if not, manual filings will be returned with instructions and online filings will prompt you for the correct information. This Unit establishes the workers' compensation case at the initial level and may result in the scheduling of a conciliation.

Information brochures will be mailed to injured workers when a lost time report is filed with the DIA.

We encourage all employers and insurers in conjunction with their 3rd party administrators, attorneys and 3rd party providers to submit filings electronically, thus incurring no fee. You will be assured of timely acceptances and reduce your postage costs.

(617) 727-4900

Francisco Peña, Claims Manager, (857) 321-7493

Records Access Office

The Records Access Office (RAO) responds to requests for records as required by the Massachusetts Public Records Law, MGL c. 66. A WRITTEN request must be sent to the RAO. All documents that are not considered public records, or considered exempt under the MGL c. 4, § 7(26), in whole or in part, shall be withheld. The Records Access Officer for the Department of Industrial Accidents is Bill Taupier, Director of Administration, (857) 321-7560, Bill.Taupier@dia.state.ma.us.

  • The Administration has implemented standardized production costs in response to public records requests, and in the interest of cost savings and environmental purposes, fulfill requests electronically as able.
    • Electronic Copies: No charge for duplication*
    • 1-4 precisely defined documents: No charge**
    • Black and White Hard Copies: 5 cents per page for single- and double-sided copies.
    • Color Hard Copies: 50 cents per page
  • To improve communications with the public, secretariats and agencies through their Records Access Office will notify a requester within 5 days if the records they are seeking may take more than 10 days and/or $10 to produce. Requests should be fulfilled in no more than eight weeks, with any extension being explained to a requester in writing.
  • DIA will regularly make available frequently requested information and/or records on their website and provide information as able, in electronic, searchable formats.
  • The DIA will waive search and retrieval fees for standard public records requests, provide at no cost the first 4 hours of work required for more complex requests, and charge no more than $25 per hour for additional time required and notify the requester of those costs in advance.

*Costs for discs, thumb-drives or other storage devices necessary to transmit requested documents still apply.

**To be provided within 3-9 days of receipt of the request


Laurie Dulong, Records Access Coordinator, (857) 321-7301
Nilda Reyes, Clerk, (857) 321-7471


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First Report Compliance Office

All employers must file an Form 101 - Employer's First Report of Injury or Fatality, within 7 calendar days of receiving notice of any injury alleged to have arisen out of and in the course of employment that prevents an employee from earning full or partial wages for a period of 5 CALENDAR days.

Failure to file this report or filing the report late is a violation under MGL c. 152, § 6. If this violation occurs 3 or more times within any 12 month period, a fine of $ 100 for each such violation will be sent to the employer. A payment or appeal response is required within 30 calendar days as outlined on the Form 60 Notice. You will be notified when a decision is rendered. Failure to comply may escalate to various demand levels. There is no appeal process for demand notices.

Any questions on Demand Notice - Form 420 may be directed to Revenue Office at (617) 626-5470.

Referral to Revenue Office terminates the involvement of the First Report Compliance Office.

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