Office of the General Counsel

DCR works regularly with other state and federal agencies, municipalities, businesses, private non-profit organizations and citizens.

Agency Regulations

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) is the lead DCR office for maintaining the department’s regulations found in the Commonwealth’s Code of Massachusetts Regulations.  Among other things, the regulations govern the use of DCR lands and facilities, provide the framework for DCR regulatory programs, and address violations of DCR rules.  OGC coordinates the proposal and promulgation of any new, amended or revised DCR regulations, as well as the repeal of any DCR regulation.  Promulgation of regulations by DCR, including public hearings or meetings and public participation, is always in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 30A of the General Laws.

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Public Records Requests

DCR’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) acts on behalf of DCR, as DCR is the custodian of certain public records under the state Public Records Law, which is primarily section 7(26) of Chapter 4 and section 10 of Chapter 66 of the General Laws. Consistent with DCR policy, to make a request, whether written or verbal, to inspect or copy public records in the custody of DCR, you must direct your request to the Office of General Counsel, Department of Conservation and Recreation, 251 Causeway Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, Attention:Records Access Officer.

Requests to inspect or receive a copy or public records may be made either verbally or in writing.  DCR strongly encourages that requests are made in writing, as this helps confirm between DCR and you an understanding of the documents that are sought and also, should you find that you are not satisfied with DCR’s response to your request, only requests made in writing may be appealed to the Supervisor of Public Records at the Public Records Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

DCR will make a thorough effort to review and respond to your request, recognizing that a prompt and appropriate response to such requests is consistent with good government. Please note that DCR addresses these requests only under the state Public Records Law, and not the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as FOIA applies only to the federal government and does not apply to the Commonwealth.  Upon receipt, DCR’s OGC shall review your request and shall advise you of the estimated actual cost to comply with your request in accordance with section 10 of Chapter 66 of the General Laws.  Once DCR notifies you in writing of the estimated actual cost and payment is received by DCR, DCR will consolidate the records for you to view or receive a copy, as requested.  DCR may withhold documents that are exempt from disclosure under the law, but will notify you if it does so.  If you seek to appeal DCR’s response to your request, and only if you made your request in writing, you may file an appeal to the Supervisor of Public Records at the Public Records Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with the Public Records Law and the Public Records Access regulations (950 CMR 32.00).

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Property Damage or Personal Injury Claim Procedures

If you believe that you have sustained personal injury or property damage for which DCR may be liable, you may file a claim. 

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