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Overview of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance

This section describes the makeup and responsibilities of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance.

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The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), an agency within the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, was created by the state Legislature in 1980 and is responsible for administering all capital planning, major public building construction, and facilities management activities for more than 65 million square feet of building space occupied by Commonwealth agencies. DCAMM is also responsible for all state real estate activities, including leasing space for offices and other facilities on behalf of state agencies.

DCAMM’s Office of Facilities Management and Maintenance (OFMM) operates active state buildings covering more than 6 million square feet. At the time of our audit, OFMM had approximately 150 full-time employees. According to its website, the office “provides resources to extend asset life, minimize operating costs, and maximize building efficiency at Commonwealth facilities.” OFMM has developed Facilities Management & Maintenance Standards for the effective operation and maintenance of buildings, including Standard 04, which established baseline requirements for solid waste and recycling services at Commonwealth buildings. Seven facility managers oversee the janitorial and solid waste removal activities at the 10 state buildings that DCAMM directly manages. In this report, the term “solid waste” refers to items one would typically throw away. Some of these items, such as paper, glass, and plastic containers, can be recycled, collected, and processed for reuse. Solid waste management is also directed at ensuring that certain solid waste materials are disposed of in an environmentally safe fashion, avoiding incineration and the use of landfills.

In addition to state-owned property, DCAMM’s Office of Leasing and State Office Planning is responsible for oversight of approximately 7.5 million square feet of space leased from private and public property owners on behalf of various state agencies. This office currently has approximately 15 full-time employees, 6 of whom are project managers who coordinate lease activities with property owners and state agencies occupying privately owned property.


Date published: April 27, 2018

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