PCA Workforce Council Brochure

PCA Quality Home Care Workforce Council

What is the PCA Workforce Council?

The PCA Quality Home Care Workforce Council was created to: ensure the quality of long-term, in-home, personal care by recruiting, training and stabilizing the work force of personal care attendants. The Council was created by state law: M.G.L C 118E Sec. 70-75.

Who are the members of the PCA Workforce Council?

A majority of the Council's nine members are PCA consumer/employers. A current membership list is available online at www.mass.gov/pca in the About the Council section.

What are the PCA Workforce Council's main duties?

The PCA Workforce Council was established to:

  • represent the interests of consumers and the Commonwealth in collective bargaining with the union representing PCAs, on issues such as wages and benefits.
  • create a PCA referral directory, that will list people interested in working as PCAs;
  • recruit new PCAs to work;
  • help inform consumers and PCAs about opportunities for PCAs to receive additional training
  • take other measures necessary to strengthen the PCA workforce

Does the PCA Workforce Council employ PCAs?

No. Consumers remain as employers of PCAs. Consumers continue to have the right to select, hire, schedule, train, direct, supervise, and terminate PCAs. The Council is a designated employer only for the purpose of negotiations with the PCA union.

What is included in the Mass PCA Directory?

The Mass PCA directory is sponsored by the PCA Workforce Council and it offers a comprehensive and current list of people in Massachusetts who are ready to provide personal care and consumers who are hiring PCAs and is located at www.masspcadirectory.org. MassHealth members using PCA services can get a free subscription and can use the directory to search for potential PCAs who will meet their needs. PCAs are now able to use the directory to let consumers know about their experience and that they are available to work. Consumers will continue to be responsible for hiring and all other employer responsibilities, including interviewing and reference checks. “For more information on the directory, please go to our website www.mass.gov/pca and click on the box appropriate for you, “Look for Work as a PCA” or “Hire a PCA”.

Will consumers have to use the directory?

No. Consumers will be able to use the PCA directory if they want. Consumers will also be able to continue to recruit and hire PCAs on their own.

Will all PCAs who are currently working be included in the PCA directory?

PCAs will be included in the PCA directory only if they choose to register.

How do I get more information about the PCA Workforce Council?

To learn about the Council and its current activities, visit the Web site at www.mass.gov/pca . The Council meeting schedule is posted on the site. Meetings are open to the public. You can follow the Council on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MassPCA. You can also send comments to the Council at: PCA Workforce Council, 600 Washington Street, Room 7264, Boston, MA 02111, or e-mail the Council at pcacouncil@state.ma.us.

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