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Phones for speech disabilities

If you have a disability which affects your speech, you can choose one of these MassEDP telephones.

HD-40S Speech Amplified Telephone

 HD 40-S

  • Makes voices sharp, clear, and easy to hear
  • Eliminates almost all distortion, echoing, and static 
  • Amplifies the outgoing voice up to 18dB
  • Amplifies incoming voice up to 40 dB
  • 9 photo-memory buttons for one-touch dialing
  • Front and side visual ring flashers
  • One year warranty
  • Hearing aid compatible handset
  • Super loud ringer (95+dB) with adjustable ring volume and tone controls


Clarity XLC3.4

  • Amplifies sound up to 50 dB
  • Amplifies outgoing speech up to 15 dB
  • Belt clip and loud and clear speakerphone for hands-free calling
  • Cordless and interference-free
  • Extra loud ringer (95dB) with adjustable tones
  • Hearing aid compatible and TIA-1083 compliant
  • Super bright visual ringer with voicemail indicator
  • Direct connection to assistive listening devices or headset (2.5mm or 3.5mm)
  • High contrast and large font Caller ID screen
  • Talking Caller ID
  • 4 tone settings
  • Can be extended to up to 4 extra handsets (XLC3.1)

Casa Futura Technologies Basic Fluency System

Basic Fluency System

  • Anti-stuttering device and headset
  • Therapy manual
  • Delayed auditory feedback (DAF)
  • Frequency-shifting auditory feedback (FAF)
  • Background noise reduction features

To receive this phone, you must:

  • Be working with a Speech Pathologist
  • Have a letter from a Speech Pathologist stating that you will benefit from this biofeedback system

Phone equipment will be sent to your Speech Pathologist, and they will adjust the settings for you.

Tru-Tone Larynx

TruTone Larynx

  • Offers speech tone control with a single button
  • Gives smooth and natural voice intonation
  • Wide frequency range
  • Powerful volume range
  • Long battery life
  • Cordless, uses 9 volt batteries

Ultratec Uniphone 1140

Ultratec Uniphone 1140

  • Combines a telephone, TTY, and an amplifier all in one
  • Volume control up to 20 dB
  • Keyboard and follow-on dialing
  • Perfect for voice and hearing carryover 
  • Turbo Code and Auto ID
  • 2-line LCD display with backlight
  • Built-in ring flasher
  • 8 kilobyte memory
  • Auto-Answering machine with programmable message
  • Printer port

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