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Pre-Hearing Conference

The Pre-Hearing Conference will be conducted prior to the opening of a Hearing.  The following guidelines are required for conducting the Pre-Hearing Conference. 

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Joint Pre-Hearing Memorandum and Pre-Hearing Conference

If the parties fail to timely submit a Joint Pre-Hearing Memorandum or schedule a Pre-Hearing Conference in accordance with Administrative Bulletin 10, the scheduled Hearing date will become a MANDATORY Pre-Hearing Conference and the parties will forfeit one of their three reschedule requests.

The parties are required to mark-up the Pre-Hearing Conference upon receipt of the § 11A report. The parties must file, and argue all motions in advance of the Pre-Hearing Conference if practicable.  If the parties need to use the Pre-Hearing Conference to argue motions, the moving party must ensure that the motion(s) are filed well in advance so that the responding party has sufficient time to file an opposition, if so desired. 

The parties are required to submit their Joint Pre-Hearing Memorandum at least 5 business days BEFORE the Pre-Hearing Conference. 

The Pre-Hearing Conference must occur no later than 10 business days BEFORE the scheduled Hearing date.

The Administrative Judge will reschedule the Hearing back into the queue (or provide a new date if available) if the parties fail to adhere to the aforementioned timeline.

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