Project development process

As transportation projects go from idea to implementation, they must go through a series of steps called the project development process.
Step 1
  • Planning Studies:
    The first step of project development is the comprehensive evaluation. We want to review existing and expected future transportation issues.
Step 2
  • Environmental Study:
    We put the Planning Study through the permitting process in an environmental study.
Step 3
  • Funding Process:
    Once a project has been completed the preliminary design, the project promoters need to identify funding for the project. Project promoters include the Town, MassDOT, the MBTA, or the RTA.
Step 4
  • Final Design:
    With funding in place, the next phase of project development is the final design. During this phase, we determine the final layout of the project and the design details.
Step 5
  • Implementation:
    In the final phase, we advertise for bidding and award a contract. We then make improvements under the supervision of the responsible MassDOT division.  

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