QCML Criteria for Corrugated Plastic Pipe Manufacturers (M5.03.10)

This criteria was qualified by MassDOT as of the date posted: September 26, 2023

For Corrugated Plastic Pipe Manufacturers to be listed on the Qualified Construction Materials List (QCML), products must meet the requirements of Subsection M5.03.10 of MassDOT’s Standard Specifications, contract special provisions, and all Material and Testing Requirements outlined herein.

Table of Contents

Material Properties

Corrugated Plastic Pipes shall consist of the following:

  • Corrugated polyethylene or polypropylene tubing
  • Flare ends
  • Couplings
  • Fittings

Corrugated Plastic Pipe shall meet the requirements of Subsection M5.03.10.

Materials, dimensions, physical properties and fabrication shall be in accordance with AASHTO M 294, Type S or D or AASHTO M 330 Type S or D.

Perforated pipe shall meet Type SP, DP or CP.

Submittal and Testing Requirements

AASHTO Product Evaluation & Audit Solutions Testing Requirements:

  • The following criteria must be met as part of the product submission.
    • Corrugated Metal Pipe Manufacturers shall be audited annually by the AASHTO Product Evaluation & Audit Solutions audit program (formerly known as NTPEP).
    • AASHTO Product Evaluation & Audit Solutions shall find that the facility is in compliance with the Thermoplastic Pipe Work Plan.

Product Listing, Expiration, and Re-Approval

Once approved, the Corrugated Plastic Pipe Manufacturer will be listed on the MassDOT QCML. The Manufacturer's facility shall remain on the approved list unless one of the following occurs:

  • If the Corrugated Plastic Pipe Manufacturer is not audited by AASHTO Product Evaluation & Audit Solutions on the most recent audit cycle in accordance with the Corrugated Plastic Pipe Work Plan.
  • If the Manufacturer no longer meets the minimum requirements of the AASHTO Product Evaluation & Audit Solutions Thermoplastic Pipe Work Plan. 
  • MassDOT RMS determines that the Manufacturer or their products no longer meet the minimum requirements of the Standard Specifications.

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