Revenue and Expenditure Data

Revenue and expenditure data as reported on the Schedule A and Tax Rate Recapitulation Sheet

These reports provide a look at municipal revenues and expenditures, as reported to DLS on the Schedule A and the Tax Rate Recapitulation forms.

The Division of Local Services’ Data Analytics and Resources Bureau analyzes and distributes data related to local government. All analytics use data submitted to DLS by individual cities, towns, special purpose districts, regional school districts, and state and federal agencies.

Tax Rate Recap Receipts: Estimated vs. Actual

Estimated and actual local receipts are reported to DLS annually on the Tax Rate Recapitulation form. The report below compares a community's estimated and actual local receipts for various revenue types. Please note that only estimated (budgeted) receipt data is available for the current fiscal year.

View Estimated Receipts vs. Actual Receipts (Tax Rate Recap)

Revenue and Expenditure Data from Schedule A

The Schedule A is a statement of revenues, expenditures, and other year-end financial information prepared annually by the local accountant or auditor. Click the link below to access various reports based on a community's annual Schedule A submission.

View Schedule A revenue and expenditure reports

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