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Sentencing Guidelines: Acknowledgments

The Massachusetts Sentencing Commission acknowledges the assistance of the many individuals, agencies, and entities who assisted in the development of the Guidelines

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Sentencing Guidelines Acknowledgments

Outside Technical Advisor: James Byrne, Ph.D., Associate Chair and Professor, School of Criminology and Justice Studies, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Former Members of the Current Commission: Lee Gartenberg, Director of Inmate Legal Services, Middlesex Sheriff’s Office; Eduardo Masferrer, Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL); Carol Higgins O’Brien, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Correction; John Redden, Committee for Public Counsel Service (CPCS); and Martin Rosenthal, MACDL; members of the 1996 Massachusetts Sentencing Commission.

1996 Massachusetts Sentencing Commission Members: Chair, Robert A. Mulligan, Chief Justice Superior Court; Donald Cochran, Commissioner of Probation; Mariellen H. Fidrych, Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association; John F. Flynn, Esq. Executive Office of Public Safety; S. Jane Haggerty, Esq., Essex County District Attorney’s Office; Hon. Margaret R. Hinkle, Associate Justice Superior Court; Sheila A. Hubbard, Esq. Chair Parole Board; Pamela L. Hunt, Esq. Assistant Attorney General; Thomas G. Murray, Esq. Private Attorney, Boston; William W. Robinson, Esq. Committee for Public Counsel Services; Maria F. Rodriquez, Esq. Director of Victim’s Services Hampden County District Attorney’s Office; Richard D. Savignano, Esq. Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office; David Slade, Esq. Department of Correction; Hon. Mark H. Summerville, Associate Justice Boston Municipal Court; Michael J. Traft, Esq. Private Attorney Boston; R. Jack Cinquegrana, Esq. Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office; Hon. Timothy Gailey, Lynn District Court, District Court Liaison; Donald T. Moran, Supervisor, Superior Court Probation Services, Special Designee for Intermediate Sanctions; William O’Leary, Commissioner, Department of Youth Services, Special Designee for Intermediate Sanctions; Cathleen E. Campbell; MA Sheriff’s Association.

Guest Speakers: James Byrne, Professor of Criminology, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Mike Coelho, Deputy Commissioner of Programs, Massachusetts Probation Service; Daniel Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney; Edward Davis, Police Commissioner (retired); Richard Frase, Co-Director, Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, University of Minnesota Law School; Ralph Gants, Chief Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court; Kathleen Cooper Grilli, General Counsel, U.S. Sentencing Commission; Honorable Nancy Gertner, United Stated Federal Judge (retired); Mark Kleiman, Professor of Public Policy, NYU; Vincent Lorenti, Director, Office of Community Corrections (OCC); Liam Lowney, Executive Director, Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance (MOVA); Kevin Reitz, Co-Director, Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, University of Minnesota Law School. The Commission also acknowledges the submission of materials by MOVA on Best Practices for Victim Communication and notes that MOVA does not endorse the provision adopted.

Contributors: Charles W. Anderson, Jr., Sentencing Counsel, Massachusetts Department of Correction; Gretchen Bennett, Chief Counsel for the Judiciary Committee; Honorable Catherine Byrne, Boston Municipal Court; Alexandra Capachietti, Administrative Attorney, Boston Municipal Court; Honorable Debra DelVecchio, Boston Municipal Court; Kim Faitella, Assistant District Attorney, Essex County District Attorney’s Office; Honorable Serge Georges, Boston Municipal Court; Randy Gioia, Deputy Chief Counsel, Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS); Michael Hussey, Attorney in Charge, CPCS; Judith Anne Iglehart, Attorney, Committee for Public Counsel Services, CPCS; Gloriann Moroney, General Counsel, Massachusetts Parole Board; Honorable Paul McManus, Boston Municipal Court; Alicia Pradas-Monne, Deputy Chief, Policy and Government, Office of the Attorney General; and David Solet, Chief Legal Counsel, Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS).

Commission Staff: All current and former Commission staff and student interns, including: Francis J. Carney Jr., Ph.D, Executive Director (ret); Linda Holt, Director of Research & Planning (ret); Lee Kavanagh, Director of Research & Planning; Melaine Malcolm, Research Manager; Kevin Riley, Research Analyst; Addie Walker, Research Analyst; Elizabeth Marini, Executive Assistant, and interns Ashley Boles, Richard Clay, Courtney Durant, Matthew Fabricant, Joshua Demers, Edward Ferrante, Pattrese Reynolds, Mallarie Charbonneau, and Jeffrey Crislip.

Finally, the Commission expresses its deep appreciation to those public officials, criminal justice practitioners, community members and activists, victims of crime, and interested citizens for their valuable insights and valued recommendations presented at public hearings.

*Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of the Guidelines or any provisions of the Guidelines.

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