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SMS Authentication

Below are instructions on how to set up a SMS authenticator using your cell phone.

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Overview: SMS/Text Message Authenticator

Choose the SMS/Text Message authentication method to receive your multi-factor authentication PINs via SMS/text message.

Please keep in mind, if you choose to use the SMS authentication method,

  • Your number will be visible to other employees in the Commonwealth's address book, and
  • You will need to make sure you have mobile phone reception if you are receiving a SMS/text message with a PIN.
Click here to watch an instructional video on how to set up this authentication method. 

Step 1. Log-in to Idaptive Service Portal

Log into the Idaptive portal at using your email address (if you are on your Commonwealth-issued computer, then Idaptive will auto log you in).

idaptive screenshot

Step 2. Access Your Account Information

Click the Account button on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

SMS account screenshot

Step 3. View Your Personal Profile

Click Personal Profile 

Image of the mouse hovering over the "personal profile" button on the left of the Personal Profile page.

Step 4. Edit Your Profile

Click Edit.

Image of an arrow pointing to the "edit" button on the top of the "personal profile" page.

Step 5. Enter Username and Password

Enter your User Name and Password to modify your user profile.

Image of the "authentication required" window with blank "username" and "password" fields.

Step 6. Enter your Mobile Number

Enter the 10 digits of your mobile number in the corresponding field with no parentheses, dashes, spaces or other punctuation, and click Save

Note: if you choose to use the SMS authentication method then your number will be visible to other employees in the Commonwealth’s address book.

mobile number field

*Please Note: In the ‘Office Number’ field, you may need to remove unnecessary text like an extension and/or extension number. In the example below, you would need to delete the “ext 1776” before hitting Save.

screenshott of mobile info

Step 7. Alternative MFA Methods

If you cannot set up any of the MFA methods listed, then you can request a hard token authenticator.  A hard token is a stand-alone device that provides an authentication code and does not require a user to possess a mobile device.

You can request a hard token via Service Now by going to the 'Security & Firewall' sector and selecting 'Multi-Factor Authentication - Hard Token Request'.

The Commonwealth only has a limited number of hard tokens and these will be provided to those whose roles require them to use MFA or work outside of the Commonwealth's networks.  Upon submitting your request, your line manager will be asked to confirm that you require a hard token. 



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Date published: July 25, 2018
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