Spinal Cord Injury Program awards

Grants awarded for spinal cord injury cure research

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health through a competitive Request for Proposals process has awarded the following prominent researchers grants since 2008. The intent is to support investigators who have demonstrated outstanding research potential and a commitment to spinal cord injury cure research to further develop their research, their careers, and generate knowledge about spinal cord injuries. The goal of the program is to promote treatments to overcome the effects of chronic spinal cord injury.


  • Christopher Gabel, PhD, Project Title: Modulation of Cellular Metabolism to Maximize Neuronal Regeneration
  • Zhigang He, PhD, Project Title: Developing strategies of promoting the anatomical regeneration and functional recovery of reticulospinal axons after spinal cord injury
  • Jeffrey Macklis, MD, Project Title: Growth Cone Molecular Machinery for Axon Growth Inhibition vs. Regeneration in Spinal Cord Injury: Subcellular RNA-Proteome Mapping in Corticospinal Neurons
  • Andrew Reisner, MD, Project Title: Pilot testing of system for tight blood pressure control after acute spinal cord injury
  • Yang Teng, PhD, MD, Project Title: Neural Reconstruction for Functional Repair of Chronic SCI

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