Standards on Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Conditions: Standard X. Community resources

Standards adopted by the Supreme Judicial Court, acting on the advice of the Working Group on Substance Use and Mental Health.

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Standard X

Judges and court personnel should be aware of resources available in the community for the treatment of substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and co-occurring disorders. Probation should strive to establish and maintain relationships with local treatment providers. If specific services are not available in a particular community, Probation should determine where such services are available and strive to develop and maintain relationships with those service providers. 


In each court, the effectiveness of the behavioral health strategy will depend on knowledge of treatment resources in the local community and the cultivation of relationships with various providers. Probation officers in individual courts are responsible for having an up-to-date understanding and connection with treatment providers in their community and should be a resource for the court and litigants in connecting to the right resources. The probation officer should be aware of both availability and how to access various resources.

MPS has and continues to develop a formal relationship with MassHealth to build on various pathways to enrollment and access to MassHealth-funded services across the spectrum of behavioral health needs. The Community Justice Support Centers are also a resource for anyone with a criminal justice system connection or history.  These services and supports extend beyond referral to treatment services and include employment and education access, credentialing, and other life support resources.

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Last updated: November 17, 2023

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