Statewide Exit Renumbering Project Details

We provided lists of the old and new exit numbers for each roadway in Massachusetts converted to milepost-based exits.

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Statewide Exit Renumbering Project Details

The following roadways were excluded from this project:

  • Route 213
  • Interstate 291
  • Interstate 391
  • Lowell Connector

Route 213, I-291, and I-391 exit numbers were not changed as those roadways are short and have exits that are generally spaced in 1-mile increments. The Lowell Connector exit numbers will not be changing as there are no mile markers currently posted along the roadway.

Public Outreach

MassDOT conducted extensive public outreach in advance of, and during, construction to notify the traveling public of the new exit numbers. This animated video explains the project. Emails, including public meeting invites and reminders, project notifications, and construction updates were sent out to stakeholders on a regular basis. Stakeholder coordination included sending regular updates to state police, emergency responders, and mapping service providers to ensure they had the most up to date and accurate information at all times. For specific questions on the exit numbers displayed through mapping service platforms such as Google, Waze, and Garmin, please reach out directly to those providers. All mapping services are responsible for updating their own platforms with the correct exit numbering information.

Construction Overview

Three construction contracts were executed for this project and work for each contract ran concurrently across the state. All existing exit signage was retained and overlays with the new exit numbers were applied over the existing numbers. To help assist the numbering transition with the traveling public, "Old Exit" signage was installed at the one-mile advance and gore signs for each converted exit. This "Old Exit" signage will be maintained by MassDOT until September 1, 2023, which is two years after the exit renumbering was completed on the last roadway. After that date, "Old Exit" signage will not be removed, however, if the signage is knocked down or removed as part of new work, it will not be replaced.

Unique Numbering/Roadways

Route 6

New Exits 1A and 1B are based on the Route 3 mileposts at the Sagamore Bridge. These exit numbers have stayed the same because MassDOT has not adopted the Exit 0 designations for exits. Mileposts on Route 6 begin at the Rhode Island border in Seekonk and ascend from west to east to the end of Route 6 in Provincetown. The first exit on Route 6 begins just south of the Sagamore Bridge around milepost 55. Therefore, the new exit numbers on Route 6 begin at Exit 55 and continue through Exit 89, based on the mileposts.

Route 128

Previous exit numbers on Route 128 between Peabody and Gloucester, which date to when exit numbers were first added to the highway in the late 1950s, increased from north to south. The updated exit numbers now increase from south to north, to be consistent with current practice for highway exit numbering. The new exit numbers on Route 128 are based on existing mile markers. The exit numbers for Route 128 begins at the junction with I-95 North, which occurs at mile post 37.6; therefore, the new exit number for I-95 North is designated as Exit 37. Since the updated exit numbers now increase from south to north, the "A" and "B" exits at the Route 1A interchange (Exit 44, Old Exit 20) in Beverly have "swapped" positions.

Please also note that while I-95 is the primary designation for the highway between Canton and Peabody, Route 128 continues to be carried as a secondary designation on this road. This is why the mileposts for Route 128 begin in Canton and not Peabody.


MassDOT is continuing the I-395 numbering along I-290 to replicate the old exit numbering system, which is continuous from Webster to Marlborough. As part of this project, the existing mileposts on I-290 have been replaced with ‘dual’ mile markers showing mileage for both I-395 and I-290.


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