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StormSmart Communities - Non-Structural Shore Protection

Find information on this topic from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) StormSmart Coasts Program.

Because of the many problems with Maintaining Seawalls and Other Structures, there has been a shift in recent years toward non-structural shore stabilization techniques. Non-structural shore protection measures generally seek to enhance the natural ability of shorelines to absorb and dissipate storm energy without interfering with natural beach, dune, and bank processes.

For an overview of shore protection options in Massachusetts, see the Massachusetts Coastal Hazards Commission's final report (Appendix C) and the Massachusetts Coastal Erosion Commission’s final report, volume 2 (PDF, 17 MB) on pages 41-47.

In addition, CZM has produced a Coastal Landscaping website, which provides information on storm-damage prevention and other benefits of appropriate landscaping approaches, along with detailed information on how to effectively landscape coastal banks, beaches, and dunes.

CZM has also produced a StormSmart Properties website, which provides important information on a range of measures that can effectively reduce erosion and storm damage while minimizing impacts to shoreline systems. This information is intended to help property owners work with consultants and other design professionals to select the best option or combination of options for their circumstances.

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