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Learn more about the Tenancy Preservation Program, a homelessness prevention program that helps find solutions to disability-related issues.

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The Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) is a homelessness prevention program. TPP works with tenants, including families with children with disabilities, facing eviction as a result of behavior related to a disability (e.g. mental illness, intellectual disability, substance abuse, aging related impairments). TPP functions as a neutral party to the landlord and tenant. In consultation with the Housing Court Department, TPP works with the property owner and tenant to determine whether the disability can be reasonably accommodated and the tenancy preserved.

Program Initiatives

TPP specialists assess the reasons for the eviction, identify needed services, develop a treatment plan to maintain the tenancy, and monitor the case for as long as is necessary. TPP makes regular reports to all parties involved in the case (i.e. the Court, property owner, and tenant). Though not a housing search program, if the tenancy cannot be preserved, TPP coordinates the tenant's transition to a more appropriate placement, preventing homelessness whenever possible.


Referrals must meet all of the criteria listed below to be eligible for TPP services.

  1. Household member with a disability AND disability related to the lease violation;
  2. Household at risk for eviction, as documented by a Notice to Quit or a Notice of Lease Termination (in public housing); and
  3. Tenancy is preservable.
    1. Affordability: tenant must be able to afford the rent by existing or other available means;
    2. Move-out agreements and executions: there cannot be a move-out agreement or execution in place, unless the landlord has expressly agreed to not enforce, pending TPP involvement;
    3. Participation: both landlord and tenant must be generally willing to participate.

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Administrative Office
Edward W. Brooke Courthouse, 24 New Chardon St., 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02114
Last updated: April 25, 2018

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