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The Health Policy Commission’s (HPC) Annual Health Care Cost Trends Hearing is a public examination into the drivers of health care costs as well as the engagement of experts and witnesses to identify particular challenges and opportunities within the Commonwealth's health care system. Chapter 224 transferred the responsibility to conduct the Hearing to the HPC, in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General and Center for Health Information and Analysis.  The HPC’s mission is to advance a more transparent, accountable, and innovative health care system through independent policy leadership.  Our goal is better health and better care at a lower cost across the Commonwealth.

G.L. c. 6D § 8 requires the HPC to identify a number of health care providers and payers as witnesses for the Hearing. The HPC requests written (pre-filed) testimony from nearly 70 organizations and posts the responses on its website in advance of the Hearing.  Additionally, the HPC calls on over 30 individuals to testify in-person at the two-day Hearing. The pre-filed and live testimony helps to inform various research and policy streams, including the HPC’s Annual Cost Trends Report.

The 2015 pre-filed testimony questions span a variety of topics, including alternative payment methodologies, readmissions, price transparency, facility fees, and provider price variation. Additionally, a main focus of the 2015 Hearing and, accordingly, the pre-filed testimony questions, is the state’s performance under the health care cost growth benchmark. The HPC asks providers and payers to detail the actions taken to ensure that the Commonwealth met the benchmark in 2014 and will continue to do so in future years. The HPC is also asking organizations to describe in writing systematic or policy changes that have encouraged or enabled them to operate more efficiently without reducing quality.

For the first time in 2015, the HPC is also asking specific providers about how costs, referral patterns, quality, and access to care may have changed following the completion of material changes to their operations or governance structure. These market-focused questions are based on statements made by providers in the Notices of Material Change they submitted to the HPC prior to undergoing the material changes.


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Requests for Testimony Pre-Filed Testimony
Berkshire Medical Center   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Berkshire Medical Center  
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth  
Boston Medical Center   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Boston Medical Center  
Brigham and Women's Hospital   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Brigham and Women's Hospital  
Cambridge Health Alliance   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Cambridge Health Alliance  
Cape Cod Hospital   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Cape Cod Hospital 
Emerson Hospital   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Emerson Hospital  
Lahey Clinic   2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Lahey Clinic
Lawrence General Hospital  2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Lawrence General Hospital 
Lowell General Hospital 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Lowell General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital  2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Massachusetts General Hospital 
Mercy Medical Center 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Mercy Medical Center
New England Baptist Hospital 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - New England Baptist Hospital
Saint Vincent Hospital 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Saint Vincent Hospital
Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital
Southcoast Hospitals Group 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Southcoast Hospitals Group
Sturdy Memorial Hospital 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Sturdy Memorial Hospital
Tufts Medical Center 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony - Tufts Medical Center
UMass Memorial HealthAlliance Hospital 2015 Pre-Filed Testimony UMass Memorial HealthAlliance Hospital

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