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Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Thanksgiving is the #1 day for home fires. Learn how to stay safe.
Photo of a turkey coming out of the oven with the words "Thanksgiving fire safety"

There are about twice as many residential fires on Thanksgiving as on any other day of the year. More than 80% of these fires start with unsafe cooking practices.

Read the Thanksgiving Fire Safety press release


Stay safe on Thanksgiving with these tips.

  • Cooking Fire and Burn Safety. Remember to stand by your pan and stay in the kitchen when cooking. The best way to respond to a stove top fire is to put a lid on it and turn off the heat.
  • Home Heating Safety. Home heating equipment is the #2 cause of residential fires and the #1 source of carbon monoxide (CO) at home. Learn to heat your home safely.
  • Candle Fire Safety. Burn candles inside a one foot circle of safety free of anything that can burn.
  • Smoke and CO Alarms. Make sure working smoke and CO alarms are installed on every level of the home.

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